Love Island beauty Mary Bedford looks very different before cosmetic surgery

Mary Bedford has been turning heads in Love Island since she arrived in Casa Amor, and the model has opened up about her cosmetic surgery experiences and why she had things done.

The model, 22, from Wakefield looks stunning in her array of colourful bikinis on the show but she revealed she hasn't always been so body confident.

A series of throwback snaps show the changes Mary has undergone, but she looks beautiful before and after.

Stunning Mary talked about her cosmetic surgery on her YouTube channel before entering the villa.

She answered questions from fans while doing her make-up.

Mary explained about why she had surgery: "This is actually something that I have never spoken about on Instagram, I've just not felt comfortable speaking about it, it was something that was really…it was an insecurity of mine.

"I had it done a year ago now, obviously I am very young, I'm not promoting getting it done young but, for me, modelling and seeing myself everyday I was so skinny at the time and I just had no boobs and I knew that I wasn't going to get them naturally and it was just a massive insecurity of mine."

Mary said: "I didn't want big boobs, probably people if you've seen me you wouldn't know I've ever had a boob job 'cause they are so, so natural but, for me, I didn't want them big – I never wanted big boobs, I just wanted something and when I was modelling you could see my ribs through my chest and it was just a massive, massive insecurity of mine."

She insisted: "it's not something to be ashamed of, so many people have it done."

The surgery made her feel a lot better ahead of her entrance in the villa, where the girls spend the whole time in bikinis.

Mary added: "It literally just brought me confidence – in bikinis, in everything and my mum was the same, she never had boobs up until she had kids and people were saying 'why don't you wait until you're older?' But when I'm older I'm probably not gonna care.

I said 'this is when I'm young and I feel insecure now' and it was a massive, massive insecurity of mine and I just thought 'why would I wait until I'm 26 or 27 and I'm having kids? When I'm going to feel insecure for all that time now' It just doesn't make sense, so I had that done and it was the best decision I ever made, honestly."

Mary also talked about the work she had done on her teeth, after having Invisalign braces and their Composite Bonding.

She laughed about the time she "took her teeth out" in a restaurant and a waitress took them away.

Gorgeous Mary remembered: "I remember when I first got them and I was in restaurants like 'omg I've got to take my teeth out' but you just get used to it. Take 'em out and put 'em on your napkin, just don't let them [serving staff] take your napkin away which has happened before…"

She said: "This was like 18 months ago now, my two insecurities were my boobs and my teeth. I never really had like bad teeth, but they definitely weren't like they are now.

"I saved up and paid for my teeth doing which, again, was the best thing…my teeth have probably given me more confidence than my boobs because they're always on show."

As well as her boobs and teeth, Mary revealed she has also had brow lift Botox procedures and lip fillers.

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