Megan Barton Hanson vows to quit cosmetic surgery after finding body confidence

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson has confessed that she has ruled out getting any more surgery after getting therapy.

The reality TV star admitted finally feeling happy with her body after seeking help from a professional when her first same-sex relationship ended.

Megan, 27, underwent her first cosmetic operation aged just 17 when she had her ears pinned back after being bullied at school.

Over the years the star went under the knife repeatedly to change her appearance, including two boob jobs, rhinoplasty, fillers and botox.

However, Megan now says despite having "definitely grown in confidence," she can't attribute her improved mental state to any of the work she has had done.

She wrote in Grazia: "I’ve learned that surgery is no substitute for working on your mental health or self-esteem.

"I’m really content and happy with myself right now, so I’m not looking to have anything else done."

Following her stint in Love Island in 2018 Megan came out as bi-sexual and was dating now ex-girlfriend Chelcee Grimes.

She explained: "In 2020, I ended my first female relationship. Afterwards, I was on a mission to put myself first – mentally and physically.

"Although I knew I wasn’t overweight, I wasn’t taking care of my body. So I started practising yoga and Pilates, I got myself a spin bike and even started lifting weights.

"I restarted therapy and can confidently say I’m in the best, most content place I’ve ever been – mentally and physically."

In a further chat with The Sun Megan opened up more about her journey with surgery as she described why it was she had turned to the knife to try and feel better about herself.

She said: "Surgery is not something that can make you love yourself. I was super-skinny back at school, and my ears stuck out very prominently, so I was a target for bullying.

"It wasn’t just from the kids at school, I even heard an adult from my area say: 'She’s got the Barton-Hanson ears, hasn’t she?'

"I’m quite sensitive, so after a few digs here and there my insecurities really started to grow. To an awkward and shy teenager, it really hurt."

She continued: "I honestly thought that when I had my ears pinned I would change as a person and have the confidence I’ve admired in so many strong women. But that was so far from the truth.

"Instead, my insecurities led to me having even more work done. Two years after the ear op I started having filler in my lips, and I went on to have rhinoplasty and a boob job, as well as many other procedures."

Megan also admitted not being sure just how much she has spent on changing her appearance.

She continued: "I don’t know how much I’ve spent over the years, but it’s a lot.

"I’ve always had several consultations before booking anything and I’ve always waited and thought about it hard. You could compare it to buying a car – it is a big and expensive decision, and certainly not a quick fix.

"The surgery helped me diminish the obsessive nature of my insecurities, but while it made me feel happier when looking in the mirror, that’s just surface level."

Summing up, she admitted that she now knew it hadn't helped her to love herself and only therapy brought that peace of mind to her.

She said: "It didn’t help me to love myself, that came from growing up and having a strong circle of empowered women around me.

"The confidence I have now is a result of therapy, learning how to speak kindly to myself and seeing women of all ages, shapes and sizes love themselves."

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