Miley Cyrus Had a Terrifying Close Call During a Flight with Her Mom and Sister: 'It Was Very Scary'

Miley Cyrus is afraid of flying — and after her recent experience trying to land for the Glastonbury Festival in England, who can blame her

Miley’s older sister Brandi recounted the story on her podcast, which she co-hosts with former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams.

In a recent episode released Wednesday, the two were chatting about the current season of the Bachelorette, and Brandi was discussing her love for Pete Weber, who works as a Delta pilot. The topic got the podcasters talking about scary plane rides, and Brandi shared an experience that sounded truly terrifying.

Brandi, 32, explained that as she, Miley, 26, and their mom Tish, 52, were trying to land in the U.K. for the festival, the ride started to get “a little bumpy.”

“My mom and Miley are both very nervous fliers, and when they get nervous, they just feed off of each other and just make each other more nervous,” she said. “And then Miley’s other manager, Adam, is almost a worse nervous flier than my mom and Miley combined, which is insane to even think about.”

“So I’m sitting with the three of these people, and it’s bumpy and they’re kind of freaking out, and then out of nowhere, as we’re landing, we swoop back up and like bank to the left, and turn and like, it feels crazy,” she continued, saying that her companions “just start losing their minds.”

Brandi revealed that she felt some nerves as well, but thought that “someone has to be level-headed here.”

“Miley’s in my lap, my mom’s holding my hand across the aisle, Adam’s freaking out, and we’re like, no one’s telling us what’s going on,” she said, explaining that the flight attendants were strapped into their own seats and unavailable to tell them what was happening.

“So we’re sitting here thinking like what in the world is going on,” she said.

After a few tense moments, Brandi said that the flight crew eventually explained that there was “no need to panic, but somebody was in our lane in the sky, and we were going to hit them, so we had to come back up and move.”

“That’s terrifying to think about,” Brandi said. “Like, you’re going like what? 400 miles an hour? And a plane is like, in your lane, like that’s insane.”

But her story didn’t end there — the same thing happened a second time!

“After like 10 minutes of circling us around, they go back to land again — same frickin’ thing happens,” Brandi said, revealing that this time there was a plane in the way on the runway. “They had to swoop back up and bank again.”

Brandi said that her mom started crying after the second mishap, and tearfully expressed fear for the youngest Cyrus daughter, who wasn’t with them on the trip: “She’s like, ‘if we die, Noah’s alone!’ and like freaking out.”

“I’m just like holy crap, I’m trying to hold it together for everybody,” Brandi said.

Apparently, the flight crew told them that it was hard to land because so many planes were arriving for the festival.

“We’re like, hello, you guys knew how many planes were landing today, there’s a schedule, why is this happening?” Brandi said, seemingly skeptical of the explanation given. “Like it was very scary.”

Though the encounter sounds harrowing, thankfully, the group eventually landed safely and made it to the festival. Miley even had a few fun surprises for her set, and performed as her Black Mirror character, Ashley O.

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