Naked Attraction Anna’s romance with Bake Off’s Sue – huge home to baby plans

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson has been dating Sue Perkins since 2016 and they recently moved in together.

Before getting with her Bake Off presenter girlfriend Anna was in a relationship with TV producer Chris Martin from 1999 to 2014.

While they are in a long-term relationship, they haven't announced any plans to get married, but Anna has declared they would like to have kids one day.

Anna doesn’t want to label her relationship with Sue and just wants people to be happy for them.

Speaking to the Mail Online, she explained: “Ten years ago it would have been a big deal to say, ‘I’m in a same-sex relationship’ but these days I think people embrace the fact you fall in love with the individual and it doesn’t matter about the gender.

“Ultimately it’s about who you love.”

Sue said that "being a lesbian is only about the 47th most interesting thing about me".

Meanwhile Anna admitted she found it difficult to admit she was in a relationship with a woman after dating a man for almost two decades.

She said: "Do I think it takes a certain type of person to go, f**k it, I'm going to give it a go, regardless of what other people may think about it? Yes I do."

"I feel extremely comfortable in the company of women."

She hinted they enjoy a relaxed relationship, saying: "We're just two middle-aged girls toshing about the flat."

But Sue's fame from Bake Off, sometimes poses a challenge for the pair.

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She said: "[When we are out] and people do the whole hysteria thing about Bake Off. That can be tricky."

The pair first met at a Halloween party in 2013 and sparks flew on that evening.

Anna said: “We met at a party and I was recently single and we just… all I can say, there was an understanding between us and for me the planets aligned.

“I just thought, ‘This person’ – it’s not even about a woman – ‘this person is absolutely extraordinary’.”

After getting together they kept their relationship a secret for months, until they were forced to confirmed they were an item after rumours spread they were together.

TV presenter Anna told how going from a sexual relationship with a woman to man was not difficult.

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She told Diva magazine: "The sexual adjustment is easy, the emotional adjustment is something else, as you know, a relationship with a woman is far more intense. This I have learnt. It's an emotional tsunami".

And she said she is genuinely "blessed" that Sue finds her attractive.

The pair bought a 1930’s detached house last year and spent 10 years refurbishing what is their first home together before moving in.

As part of the renovation they extended the loft and back of the house to create a chic dining and entertaining space.

Anna also designed her dining space, which has a grey floor and a black stand-up piano over which has eye-catching painting sits.

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