Peter Andre made Princess block vile Instagram comments after she was trolled

Peter Andre has opened up about online trolling as his 13-year-old daughter was forced to turn off comments due to negativity.

The 47-year-old Mysterious Girl singer said that he told his teenage daughter Princess to turn off comments on her Instagram page.

Princess' mum Katie Price revealed her teenager's new Instagram page to her fans.

She told her followers: "She is now 13 and has been dying to have her own Instagram account so here it is @officialprincess_andre."

Peter was nervous after receiving hate and online trolling and he told New Magazine: "I've encouraged Bista [Princess] to turn off her comments on Instagram, which I'm so happy she's done.

"Let's stop trolls in their tracks."

Talking of his own experiences at the hands of trolls, he explained: "I've had my fair share of horrible times when trolls said the most vicious things, which really affected me mentally.

"Admittedly at the time I didn't know about the wonderful block button.

"Over time I realised that if I saw anything remotely negative, I'd block it straight away before reading the whole sentence."

Media personality and singer Peter has opened up about experiencing negativity on social media in the past.

He previously admitted he was "terrified" of Princess joining Instagram after he received trolling.

Speaking to the same publication, Pete said at the time: "It's Instagram I worry about, as it’s more about posey pictures, but you have to compromise as a parent."

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Speaking to OK! Katie explained Princess was "so excited" about getting the app, adding: "I said she could have one when she was 13.

"Pete wasn't too pleased about that at first though."

The former glamour model explained: "Pete is alright about it now. That's what you do as parents, you discuss things, weigh up the pros and cons and then agree to disagree.

"No, seriously, we get on just fine and we are so proud of Princess and Junior."

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