Piers Morgan’s wife Celia jokes she’s making him a house-husband after GMB exit

If Piers Morgan had believed for a second that unemployment was going to be restful then he can certainly think again.

Judging by Celia Walden's latest Instagram post, her husband, 55, is in store for a hard day's graft when it comes to household cleaning tasks.

The 45-year-old was putting the former Good Morning Britain star to the test while dishing out homely chores for Piers to get on with as she spent the day working.

Celia couldn't resist sharing a hilarious picture of the My Story host looking rather miserable as he clutched onto the vacuum cleaner.

Cracking the whip and showing the outspoken presenter who is really boss, she captioned: "I want it all done by the time I get back from work.

"Also you missed a bit."

Before long, Celia's comments section was buzzing with commentary, with most unable to contain their laughter.

Piers's pal and ex BGT co-star Amanda Holden couldn't resist adding a crying face emoji beneath the post.

"He needed to plump those cushions properly," quipped one eagle-eyed fan.

While others moaned that they wanted him to return to TV again and swiftly too.

One online user said: "I've watched BBC this morning in protest. Missed you Piers Morgan."

Another remarked: "He needs to get another job on TV, I've got nothing to watch in the morning now."

A third penned: "Monday mornings aren't the same without you."

Last week, Piers turned his back on GMB for good, after he'd found himself at the centre of an on-air showdown with weatherman Alex Beresford.

Both Piers and Alex had differing opinions when it came to the The Duke and Duchess of Sussex telling their side of the story in a televised discussion with Oprah Winfrey that was watched by millions

The heated debate on the breakfast show, became so tense that Piers eventually stormed off set explaining he wasn't going to take Alex's feedback on his own show before later handing in his notice.

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