Polo G Pays Homage to Michael Jackson in 'Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)' Video

Polo G has dropped the video for new song “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal).” The track interpolates the 1988 Michael Jackson classic both musically and with the lyrics, while giving his own spin on the bloodstained gangster-themed anthem.

In the Arrad-directed clip, Polo G appears in a swanky white suit with his associates at a casino, where the rapper gambles, takes the stage, and ultimately gets in a row with a rival group. A Michael Jackson impersonator also makes an appearance.

“He was bangin’ wrong ’til they found him deceased/It’s a whole lot of evil roamin’ round in the streets,” he raps on the chorus. “So, so you better look both ways, make your soul shake/Demons standin’ in the doorway/Tell me Annie, are you OK?”

The homage to the King of Pop was cleared by the estate, per a note Polo G shares at the end of the clip addressed to the family, friends, fans of Michael Jackson and his estate thanking them.

“We are truly grateful for all your support in the release of this song and music and video,” Polo G writes. “MJ is loved all around the world. We used this opportunity to represent this song for the future. We thank you sincerely and we hope we have contributed our small part to the everlasting memory and legend of the greatest entertainer of all time.”

“Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)” appears on Polo G’s upcoming 2.0 deluxe edition of his 2021 LP Hall of Fame.

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