Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash in fiery clash as he slams her for ‘pressuring’ him

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon and her boyfriend Joe Swash had a fiery clash as she filmed them bickering at home.

Stacey could be seen on the camera telling Joe to hurry up in the bath during 'Sleigh Day', the day where they could go pick up their festive home decor piece.

She said in the video: "Just sat in the bathroom trying to hurry up Joe."

Joe, who could be heard off-camera, shouted back: "Listen, don't try and hurry me up. Every time you have a bath you put the flowers out, candles out, you're in here for about three hours…"

Stacey argued: "I don't have a bath on Sleigh Day, do I?"

Joe snapped back: "It's not a real day!"

Stacey then calmed down as she laughed: "It is a real day!"

The mum-of-three then captioned the video: "Joe's decided to have the longest bath on Sleigh day just to annoy me so I'm sitting on here trying to put the pressure on."

She kept her followers updated with Sleigh Day, as she shared a picture on the way to pick up the much-anticipated goods from the shops.

Stacey wrote: "Finally out and on our way to pick up a sleigh. Happy Sleigh Day!"

Later, after returning home, she told followers: "Current situation. We're back and straight out into the garden.

"They're so excited my heart is physically hurting!"

She continued: "The best Saturday afternoons are spent with them.

"Love you boys. They were so happy when they finished all the reindeer bits."

But the perfectionist had to add her craftsmanship to the creation: "Not going to lie, I did have to go over every bit again.

"Can't deal with the streaks but they loved it so much and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time."

This comes after Stacey was left in hysterics after being branded a "cheapskate" by a social media troll.

It came after she showed her process of making her mum a festive gift by spray painting some hand wash and moisturiser.

I wouldn't ever do that for my mum you cheapskate."

In the video, a giggling Stacey told her fans: "Sometimes I lay here and I land on the perfect messages! And this one's really got me!

"I'll have you know my mum's going to love it! She loves everything I make! She's still got pasta necklaces I made her when I was four!"

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