Teen Mom stars chilling encounter with crazed fan who said shed track her down

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    Teen Mom UK star Mia Boardman has revealed that one crazed fan offered to “find” her after a wild interaction.

    The reality star spoke exclusively to Daily Star about the experience and recalled the strange encounter.

    She said: “I had one lady – she was lovely – but I was in Primark and I’ll do this thing where I’ll sit and I’ll go through what I’ve got. She came over and said: ‘You’re Mia!’ and I said: ‘Yeah, nice to meet you,’ and she walked off.”

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    “I took my last bits out of the basket and the lady popped her head up from the rail she was hiding behind – she was knelt down behind it the whole time and I didn’t realise!”

    Mia continued: “She [asked] for a photo, we had a photo and there’s this Facebook group where people write stuff. One of my friends saw a post on it where this lady – I’m guessing it was her – [went] gone on there and said: ‘I saw Mia today in Primark, if anyone wants me to find her again then I can get her to sign something for you’.”

    Boardman has also experienced other unusual reactions from fans and recalled one’s very emotional response.

    She said: “All the time, people ask for photos. A girl cried [when she] came up to me.”

    “It’s just my normal life, I just feel normal, not like people know who I am and I forget. People come up to me and sometimes I find it awkward, I never know what to say.”

    Most of Mia’s motherhood has been broadcast on Teen Mom UK, which isn’t the norm for most mothers.

    Boardman admitted: “Crazily. I find it weird, people always say: ‘Life must have been different, is it weird being a mum and on TV?’ I gave birth on TV so I’ve only ever known being on Teen Mom as a mum.”

    “I haven’t been a mum and not been on TV. I’ve known nothing different. It’s hitting me now as I’m getting older, realising that my whole life is on TV. You don’t really think about it much.”


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