The Masked Singers Anastacia explains breast reduction surgery saved her life

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Anastacia, who took part in The Masked Singer Australia, has reflected on the moment a plastic surgeon saved her life after they discovered she had cancer during an appointment.

The I'm Out of Love star was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 at the age of 34.

In a recent interview the singer described that she visited a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction in the same year and during the appointment, the surgeon asked for a mammogram.

She explained that the decision for Anastacia to have a mammogram ultimately saved her life: "If I hadn’t gone for a breast reduction in 2003 I wouldn’t have found out about my cancer until much later, but it was barely in its first stage.

She went on to tell The Guardian: "Plastic surgeons don’t ask for a mammogram, they normally just go in and do their job, but mine did. I was lucky, but the diagnosis was shocking, and my career was at one of its highest points."

Anastacia explained that despite the radiation treatment for her cancer making her tired, she continued to write songs and make music.

However, the singer was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in 2013, and she said that her double mastectomy was "really tough for me to bounce back from," but that she wants to use her own experience to encourage more people to ask for a mammogram if they are concerned about their health.

She said: "Don’t freak out, go get mammograms earlier than the doctor says. Go check out that thing you’re worried about so that we can have you around longer."

In addition to her music career, Anastacia has also spent the past two decades raising awareness of breast cancer and was given the Humanitarian Award at the 2013 GQ Awards for her charity work.

Reflecting on being diagnosed with breast cancer multiple times in her life, she said: "I don’t even know how many surgeries I’ve had in my life. But every time I’ve gone through the crap, instead of feeling like it’s an obstacle, I see it as a detour.

"You may have a longer road to get to where you want to be, but trust in the universe and have faith that it’ll lead to something great. Find hope in a terrible situation and just keep going."

Speaking previously to Daily Star, Anastacia opened up on her friendship with Sir Elton John.

The star who is preparing for her 20th/22nd-anniversary tour told us: "I'm very grateful that he connected with my music and then became my fairy Godmother.

"It's delicious, he calls me a fat cow all the time, it's even better when you're called a fat cow by EJ."

Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of I'm Outta Love on tour, she said: "I can't really believe what's actually happening. I can't believe we're announcing something," after the 20th celebration was cancelled.

The BRIT nominated singer continued: "Instead of I'm Outta Love, I'm Outta Lockdown, so here we are."

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