Ulrika Jonssons daughter feels no longing to meet biological dad

Ulrika Jonsson's daughter Bo, 21, has opted not to meet her biological father Markus Kempen after he reached out to her while she was working in Greece.

Bo, who works as a nanny, has taken up various posts since she started work, and her most recent job is in Corfu, Greece, which is where her biological dad lives.

As Markus reached out to Bo to discuss meeting up, Ulrika confessed to The Sun that it left her feeling anxious, and after consideration, Bo decided against it.

Bo has penned her own thoughts regarding the potential meeting of her father, confessing that she has never "felt a longing" to meet him after being adopted by Ulrika's husband Brian Monet.

The 21-year-old has said there is "no space for Markus" in her life at the moment, but it doesn't mean she's completely ruled out meeting him eventually.

She confessed that she was in "floods of tears" over her mum's concerns, and she revealed that her mum has always been open with her about the situation.

Bo said in her article with the publication: "I felt no connection and no real intrigue which might sound strange but I believe it's because I had such a settled childhood that there was no real longing for that 'missing piece'.

Bo explained that as a baby, she had one closed and two open-heart surgeries, which she went through with her mum alone, adding that she believes that contributed to their bond being "incredibly strong".

Ulrika had never talked badly about Markus to Bo, with the 21-year-old confessing that it wasn't until she came across her mum's autobiography that she found out what had happened between them.

She said: "It made me cry my eyes out because this person just left. How could they just leave us? I really had no idea what she had to go through."

Bo confessed that she has wondered about her biological father leaving, particularly as she chose nannying as her career after realising her love for children.

She added: "I don't have any angry feelings towards him because of anything he has done to me. But more because I feel he caused my mum s much pain, especially during all those worrying times when I was poorly. On this occasion, I've decided not to meet.

Deciding against meeting her biological father, Bo said she believes she would find it hard to face him, adding: "What I've realised, and perhaps what I've always known, is that blood doesn't make someone family."

Although she has no plans to meet Markus, she said she knows there will be a day where they meet eventually, adding: "As long as I have my mum by my side, I think I'll be able to deal with it. I'm just not ready right now."

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