Why Billie Eilish Spent the Release Party for 'Happier Than Ever' In a Pool Fully Clothed

Billie Eilish is the artist behind songs like “Bad Guy,” “Your Power,” and “When The Party’s Over.” She’s also known for her unique personality, perfectly illustrated during the release party for the 2021 album, Happier Than Ever.

Here’s what we know about this Grammy award-winning artist and her spontaneous jump in the pool. 

Billie Eilish released her album ‘Happier Than Ever’ in 2021

Following the release of songs like “NDA” and “My Future,” Eilish premiered her full-length album Happier Than Ever. Within a matter of days, songs like “Happier Than Ever,” “Therefore I Am,” and “Not My Responsibility” earned millions of plays on music platforms like Spotify. 

This album also came with a concert film, Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, available exclusively on Disney’s subscription service, Disney+. 

Billie Eilish celebrated the ‘Happier Than Ever’ released fully clothed in a pool

To celebrate the release of Happier Than Ever, Eilish appeared at an outdoor release party, complete with a pool and a spontaneous dunk in the water for this artist. She was completely clothed. 

“Oh my God. It was amazing!” says Eilish, reflecting on her spontaneity during an interview with Elle Magazine. “It was completely unplanned. I was standing on the edge of the pool singing, and my friend Carly was like, ‘Billie, get in the pool!’ And I don’t know, I was just feeling in the moment, so I got in, wearing four-inch-high platform boots!”

Reportedly, Eilish’s brother and Happier Than Ever co-writer, Finneas, stood at the edge of the pool.

“I love big parties, but they can be a little overwhelming because everyone wants to talk to you,” she continued. “In the pool, I could call my own shots. I would swim up to somebody, talk to them, and then swim away and talk to somebody else.”

Billie Eilish revealed her fear of water (which she eventually overcame)

During one interview with Billboard, Eilish shared that her biggest fear is her loved ones dying. Although the “Bury a Friend” artist spent most of her release party in a pool, this artist shared that she used to be afraid of water. 

“Water used to be my biggest fear—I was terrified of drowning and having my head stuck underwater,” this artist said during the same interview. “But I’m a daredevil. I want to do everything that scares me.”

Eilish is known for embracing things that may be conventionally “scary,” especially with her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, and her corresponding music videos. The “You Should See Me in a Crown” video included real spiders climbing on the artist’s face. 

Music by Eilish, including her recent album Happier Than Ever, is available on most major music streaming platforms. Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles is available on Disney+. 

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