X Factor star will never work again after making fortune on OnlyFans

X Factor's Chloe Khan revealed she has never worked a "real job" and "never will" after raking it on OnlyFans.

The stunning TV star first shot to fame on the ITV show in 2010 and has since made some big earnings from selling nudes online.

The brunette bombshell has had a major glam transformation since the show and has now pocketed the results of this by sending sexy snaps to fans.

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Talking about her lifestyle, Chloe, 30, exclusively told us: "The weirdest thing is I've never had a real job, I feel like I've never worked a day in my life.

"I did my first reality show at 17 and money online has always been a thing for me. Even at 13/14, I've been a hustler online with eBay stores etc, so I've actually as people would say 'never had a real job'.

"I mean I do all sorts of different things now and I make good money online, I invest in property, and into different non-related stuff like funeral finance, so realistically I feel like I've never worked a day in my life and never will."

She also revealed she has made a serious career U-turn 13 years since shooting to fame.

Chloe added: "I've got into funeral finance, so I don't have anything to do with it personally, I know it sounds a bit morbid but I don't go to coffins or anything weird.

"My thing is just a couple of Zoom calls twice a year but yeah I invested in funeral finance and solar energy storage.

"I've had a couple of s*** investments, I've had bad ones which I put loads of money in and it hasn't worked out at all.

"But I've had a few good ones, I've got a wealth management guy who helps me with all the clever things that I don't really need to concern myself with."

She continued: "Obviously my main thing is where I'm making money to invest is OnlyFans and Instagram and social media. My OnlyFans, is the big money, the crazy money.

"I make good money from subscriptions but there's so much money to unlock inside it, I'd say subscriptions are only 20% of the overall income."


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