1000lb Best Friends viewers blast beyond boring TLC show stars

1000lb Best Friends: Meghan and Vannessa clash in heated argument

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TLC viewers are calling for new stars to replace two cast members in 1000lb Best Friends after admitting being “sick and tired” of the current line-up. After fans last week called Tina Arnold out for skipping surgery, they’ve since said she is “so negative”.

This week’s episode has now prompted viewers to beg producers to “get rid” of both Tina and Meghan to make way for “new best friends”.

Wednesday’s show saw the aftermath of Ashley’s surgery as it was revealed that Tina didn’t make contact after her pal’s operation.

Tina has since been blasted for being “so wrong” as some accused her of being a “bad friend” towards Ashley.

Fans also say that both Tina and Meghan “always have something” and again called out their “negativity” in this week’s episode.

Viewers flocked to Twitter after last night’s episode to air their thoughts on the stars and its current line-up on TLC.

Fuming @kiki1cola wrote: “Okay so ummm TLC can y’all get rid of Tina and Meghan?

“Keep Vanessa and Ashley, and just introduce us to two new best friends on the show? We sick and tired of both of them!”

User @AKACPA3 said: “Tina is so wrong for not even calling Ashley after her surgery.”

@brileighh11 posted: “Nah. Tina and Meagan are insufferable. The most indecisive people, Tina didn’t want surgery now she regrets it.

“Meagan didn’t want to listen to everyone about the wedding, now she’s getting cold feet. Tired of them.”

Account @Jimin_neutron_ added: “The only two I can stand on the show are Ashley And Vanessa. They’re down for anything and are so hopeful and positive for the future.

“Tina and Megan are annoying af. They’re always so negative and always have something. It’s beyond boring at this point.”

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In conclusion, @brileighh11 explained: “So Tina didn’t even reach out to Ashley after her surgery?

“It’s one thing to not like confrontation but that’s just being a s**t friend… I’m tired of Tina #1000lbBestFriends.”

It comes after last week’s episode took a serious turn when Tina’s appointment with Dr Charles Procter left her having second thoughts about her upcoming procedure.

The episode concluded with Tina shouting she had decided to back out of the operation, leaving fans frustrated with her behaviour.

Redditor u/perfect_fifths commented: “Tina wasting everyone’s time and throwing an adult temper tantrum shows how immature she is.

“The whole point of WLS is to get healthier and extend your lifespan.

“I’ve been under anaesthesia plenty of times, and the doctor knows what he’s doing, she needs to stop letting fear control her.”

u/snoozyspider posted: “Tina thinks she’s the special exception. WLS does have risks, but Tina would have literally been just fine.”

1000lb Best Friends season 2 continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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