1923’s Spencer won’t return to Duttons in harrowing theory

1923: Official trailer starring Harrison Ford

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The fearless big game tracker has become a fan-favourite amongst Yellowstone fans thanks to his gripping adventures in Africa and whirlwind romance with British runaway Alexandra (played by Julia Schlaepfer). Although Spencer Dutton is expected to reunite with his family when the first season of 1923 continues on Paramount+, series star Brandon Sklenar hasn’t started celebrating his homecoming just yet.

Jacob (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton’s (Helen Mirren) younger nephew might not ever return home after hearing about the latest tragedy on the ranch.

When 1923 last left off, Spencer’s older brother John (James Badge Dale) was killed in an ambush led by sheep herder Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn).

Jacob’s condition wasn’t looking much better, and Spencer finally opened his letters from home and learned the tragic news.

The remainder of the series’ first season is expected to follow Spencer’s journey home, as Sklenar recently confirmed.

“I can say that he immediately takes action to getting home,” the actor revealed.

“It doesn’t get easier for anybody, I can say that, in classic Taylor Sheridan fashion.”

Although Spencer and his daring new fiancée Alexandra are ready to put their life in Africa on pause, travelling across the world was no easy feat at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Plus, as fans of Sheridan’s previous series already know, nothing is ever so simple for the Dutton family.

The couple’s life on the plains has already run afoul of the dangerous African wildlife, and there are plenty of human threats to look out for, too.

Either Spencer and Alexandra have to tackle some more pressing matters in the wild, or some other unforeseen dangers could present themselves before they’re able to make it home safely.

By the time they do arrive, Jacob could have long succumbed to his wounds and even the ageing Cara may no longer be there.

As 1923 has already been renewed for a second season, viewers could anticipate Spencer’s homecoming to become one of the longest arcs of the series.

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However, Sklenar has also issued a stern warning to Banner and his posse to watch their backs once Spencer does make it back to Montana.

“You definitely do not want to kill the brother of the guy who is one of the most decorated World War I heroes and who hunts things for a living,” he told TVLine. “You don’t want to rattle that cage.”

He also opened up on Spencer’s stubborn decision not to open his letters from home until Alexandra convinced him to open them.

“Once it’s gone that long, you almost don’t want to know, because it’s too painful to know,” Sklenar explained.

“And I do think there is something in the back of his mind where he’s kind of anticipating one of these letters is going to be ‘Someone’s dead. Something happened.’”

Wherever Spencer goes next, Alexandra will surely be there too in spite of the obstacles they’re about to face.

“The more they go through together, the deeper their bond becomes,” Sklenar assured.

New episodes are thankfully on their way in just over a week, so Yellowstone fans don’t have too long to wait to find out what the next step of their journey entails.

1923 season 1 continues Sunday, February 5 on Paramount+.

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