A Place in the Sun: Ben Hillman scolds guest’s ‘fussy’ demands ‘Where am I going wrong?’

A Place in the Sun: Ben asks the guest 'what am I doing wrong?'

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Channel 4 aired a classic episode of the hit property show on Monday afternoon which saw presenter Ben Hillman take Tina and her son Jamie on a tour of picturesque apartments on the sunny Spanish island. Tina was looking for a property  could accommodate her £150,000 budget. However, Ben ended up scolding her for her “fussy” demands.

The episode was filmed on the east coast of Mallorca, which Ben explained was one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Europe.

It is where his guest, Tina wanted to find her an ideal retirement apartment after spending her life travelling on cruise ships as a musician.

Jamie was on hand to help his mother try and find the property of her dreams, which he hoped would not be “too touristy”.

However, Ben soon learned German native Tina was very particular with her wants and needs, despite her modest budget.

When looking at the second property with Ben, Tina said she felt it was more like a hotel than a home.

Ben said: “Is that because it’s got a pool? Is this where I have gone wrong?

“You wanted a pool. I’ve given you a pool and all of a sudden ‘we are now in a hotel’. You are being fussy.”

Tina then jokingly compared the property to the set of 1980s sitcom Hi-de-Hi, which was centred around a fictional British holiday camp.

Ben replied: “It’s a bit [Hi-de-Hi]? Oh my goodness. Jamie, please save me here.”


Unlike his mother, Jamie explained to Ben he thought the property was “really nice” and complimented it on having a great pool and a shaded garden area.

Ben told the pair Jamie was “hitting all the key points” and explained to them how central the location was.

“It is probably the most central property I have got to show you. It’s right by the shops and  a short stroll from the sea,” he noted.

“It has a pool and a fantastic outlook, it’s secluded. I mean, where have I gone wrong?”

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Later in the episode, the trio found an apartment within Tina’s budget which had the “wow-factor”.

However, Tina felt there were a couple of important elements missing from the property, including air conditioning and heating.

Ben said: “I was not expecting to get such a tough time, maybe she’ll change her mind when she sees the terrace on this one. It is smaller than the last one, but it’s all about location.”

Unfortunately for Ben, Tina shook her head her whole way around the next apartment and she was disappointed there was not enough space for a piano or bookshelf.

Ben then thought Tina would have to go further afield to bag the perfect property, so they drove 20 minutes up the coast to view an apartment.

After pulling up outside, Tina said she appreciated the look of the building. It was on the market for £156,000, but Ben told the pair the owners could lower the price for the right buyer.

Tina then made a sudden U-turn and decided it was not the right location, and she told Ben only property number two was in the running.

They thought they had found the right property, but overnight Ben had a call from the agent who informed him the property was taken off the market by the vendor.

 A disappointed Tina said she had completely fallen in love with the area and will take more trips to the island to continue their search. 

 A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 4pm.

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