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Andy Cohen took his son Ben, 1, on a walk wearing a mask amid the coronavirus.

He also spoke on his radio show about how happy he is for his best friend and new dad, Anderson Cooper.


Andy Cohen took his son Ben, 1, on a walk wearing a mask amid the coronavirus

Andy and Ben enjoyed New York City's beautiful warm weather over the weekend.

He held his toddler's hand as the two took in the sights of the city.

Andy also spoke about friend Anderson Cooper's new baby boy Wyatt.

On Radio Andy he talked about the challenges of starting a family as a gay man.

Andy said: "It's not easy. You really have to jump through a lot of hoops to have a baby as a gay man.

"He [Anderson] went through a lot. And I'm just so happy that his so son is just so beautiful and happy and healthy.

"I've already seen Anderson light up and open up in new ways.

"Like all homes that welcome a new baby, his home is now full of the music of new life and family."

Andy also revealed his nanny has transitioned to working with Anderson's baby, Wyatt.

He said he's sure she'll get Wyatt on a great sleep schedule.

The Bravo dad added how excited he is for their sons to "grow up together and to be friends and get to know each other."

Wyatt and Ben are only about a year a part.

He went on while Anderson was planning for his new addition, he really enjoyed watching Anderson bond with Ben.

Andy said: "His [Anderson's] visits with Ben have taken on a special significance…"

Meanwhile, Andy described one of his walks over the weekend as the "purest joy."

Andy took Ben out to join in the "clap because we care" moment, which happens at 7pm in New York to pay tribute to the frontline workers taking on coronavirus.

Last month Andy recovered after contracting COVID-19.

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