Are Married at First Sight UK's Tayah and Adam still together? | The Sun

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT has seen many couples split once they leave the show.

But one couple that is still going strong is Tayah and Adam and here is everything to know about them.

Are Married at First Sight UK's Tayah and Adam still together?

Tayah and Adam are still together.

Not only, but they are having a baby together too.

In April 2022, the couple announced that they are expecting a baby girl.

When on the show, the pair were instantly attracted to each other and it didn't take long to drop the "L" bomb either.

Both have been on the same page when it comes down to big decisions such as where they will be living and if they want a family together… (Spoiler alert: they do).

MAFS fans were moved to tears as Adam declared his love to Tayah by proposing to her.


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Adam then pulled out a ring box from his inside jacket pocket, as Tayah got very emotional.

What have Married At First Sight UK fans said?

When on MAFS UK, Tayah opened up about how she suffered a miscarriage and the star felt very nervous about having a baby now.

She said: "You have an anxious feeling when you find out you're pregnant again after a miscarriage and you're going through those emotions."

Many were supportive of the announcement.

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One fan on twitter wrote: "There's no way Tayah's pregnant and the show ain't even ended (sic)".

Another said they were hoping for baby news soon, writing, "Hope Tayah is pregnant when they come out of hiding" whilst another fan added that "Tayah and Adam are really in love. I hope it stays that way and grows!"

Others, however, were less supportive.

One user suggested that they wouldn't last and that Tayah was too focused on her baby plans: "The problem with Adam and Tayah is… Adam would have settled for any nice woman… and well Tayah just wants a man who can give her a baby!"

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