'Avengers: Endgame': People Are Still Furious Pepper Showed Up at the Final Battle

As much as people talk about Hawkeye being the true family man within The Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no one should forget Tony Stark was also. After all, with a wife he was devoted to (Pepper Potts) and a daughter named Morgan, he played risk for their safety in taking on the world’s biggest threat.

The difference, of course, was that Morgan was born after the snap occurred, giving Tony a happy life in those five years leading up to the time heist. One can imagine this brought a guilt trip considering half the world had been obliterated by Thanos prior.

Perhaps this explains why Pepper Potts ended up in the final Avengers: Endgame battle Against Thanos after all.

What do fans think about Pepper Potts stepping into the ‘Endgame’ battle?

Some who want to see more women power in the MCU might take issue with a recent Reddit thread asking why Pepper Potts became involved in the battle to eliminate Thanos. The initial premise of the thread was simply asking why she would risk her life when Morgan was at home with her own safety in question.

A few fans wondered whether Pepper hired a babysitter to look after Morgan, of if Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) looked after her while the battle was underway. Most users contend it probably was Happy doing the babysitting since he was clearly not on the battlefield. Besides, he looked after Morgan before as a bit of a male nanny.

It still opens the bigger question on why Pepper decided to join her husband. Did she feel like it was high-stakes enough where she had to get involved, or was it as a backup to possibly save her husband’s life?

One has to wonder if she feared for Tony’s own life and was there to offer reinforcement for yet another time. To gain a better sense of why she went, fans should look back to the moments when Potts came to his rescue in prior movies.

Pepper Potts was always worried about Tony Stark’s safety

As far back as when Tony got involved with the dangerous war against the Ten Rings, Pepper was there to help him through his missions the best she could. At that time, they were not yet married, but once they were, Pepper took more initiative in sometimes rescuing Tony from precarious situations.

Everyone remembers her attempting to help Tony during the battle with Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2. Afterward, she had to take the brunt of dealing with Tony’s bad public reputation, something he would slowly start to repair.

Tony also helped rescue Pepper a few times from some near close calls, proving they were always simpatico on working with one another. All of this was likely on Pepper’s mind when the time heist came into play.

Also, the time heist was arguably the greatest impetus for recruitment. Literally changing time so half the world could come back to life is more than a little enticing to enlist in fighting the worst villain the world had ever seen.

Why would fans be upset at Pepper helping out?

A number of fans came in to defend Pepper being involved since it really did not endanger Morgan in any way. Said one Reddit user: “At the risk of ending up on Reddit it’s like Tonks and Lupin, or Molly and Arthur at the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s worth the risk to save the world, even if both parents might die.”

Looking at it from this perspective should quiet anyone thinking Pepper should have just stayed home. She and Tony both knew Morgan would be ok anyway if something happened to both of them. Tony emphasized this in the holographic message he left for Morgan beforehand.

Now one has to look at what Pepper Potts will do in the upcoming MCU films. No one should expect her to stay idle, including a likely more grown Morgan eventually falling into her father’s shoes.

A deleted scene in Endgame showed her as an adult, leading to more speculation Morgan might become the next Iron Man over Riri Williams (Ironheart).

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