BBC Breakfast fans fume at awkward chat as technical chaos sparks switch-up

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BBC Breakfast experienced a technical blunder on Wednesday morning, which left the presenters rather red-faced and viewers at home fuming.

Journalists Dan Walker and Katherine Downes were desperate to fill in the gap when their guest Dr Mohit Mandiratta froze on screen right before his interview.

As they were both unprepared for the mishap, Katherine, 39, decided to highlight a newspaper article that referred to dangerous squirrels attacks across the UK, which resulted in very awkward scenes.

Dan, 44, said: "Something Kat has been desperate to talk about all morning while we sort our GP out is squirrel attacks.

"You mentioned this to me before we came on air at 6' o clock this morning. What are these squirrel attacks you're referring to?"

Desperately shuffling her way through the newspapers beside her, Katherine, 39, told Dan that the article she came across will certainly appeal to him.

Katherine expressed: "The inside pages of The Daily Mail. 'A vicious rampage of the squirrel that went nuts, 21 injured by crazed grey that bit the hand that fed it'".

The presenter then went on to read more of the article as they discussed further what happened to those who were attacked by the squirrel.

Despite the giggles from the presenters, the impromptu segment left some viewers rather annoyed.

Taking to Twitter, one spectator wrote: "This pair of sports nerds are chatting about feral squirrels.

"Any f******g chance we could get some grown-ups chatting about grown-up news on the #bbcbreakfast sofa while it’s broadcast on the BBC’s dedicated news channel?"

Another said: "Well that was awkward."

While a third irritated viewer chimed: "Absolute car crash."

Dr Mohit appeared on BBC Breakfast via video link to discuss coronavirus and the importance of getting boosted to prevent the spread.

However, when Dan asked the doctor about his thoughts on isolation, he froze again, which resulted in Dan having to use the time to discuss something else.

Dan said: "Ahh, Dr Mohit has frozen again!

"That's very disappointing because I wanted to ask him about the Taj Mahal that he had in the background.

"I didn't know if it was lego or whether it was a Christmas present or if he built it himself, I have so many questions about it."

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