BBC Breakfasts Dan Walker admits hes worried about co-star after confession

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker admitted he's "worried" about one of his co-stars after a candid admission.

Matt Taylor was presenting the weather on Monday (May 9), while Dan presented the show alongside Sally Nugent on the red sofa.

But after a discussion with sports correspondent John Watson about Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton's "arguments" with bosses about what kind of jewellery is safe to wear in the car, Matt's opinion left Dan concerned.

John kicked off the conversation by explaining: "[Lewis Hamilton] is having a big argument over jewellery at the moment, what you can wear in the car and what is safe and what isn't."

Sally chimed in: "Didn't he wear two watches the other day?"

As John agreed: "He wore two watches and I think seven rings to a press conference, all to illustrate that he's been told he's not allowed to wear his nose stud in the car because it's a breach of new safety regulations this season. So he's having difficulties inside and outside the car."

Dan giggled: "He's going to wear more and more jewellery to press conferences!" as Sally agreed: "He's going to weigh that car down."

Which is when Dan couldn't resist asking Matt as they turned to the weather forecast: "How many watches have you got on?"

But Matt was quick to respond: "You know what, I haven't got any on at the moment. I'm safe to go in the car."

It turned out the conversation wasn't over, however, as the topic had clearly been on Dan's mind as Matt presented the weather.

He begged: "If you haven't got a watch, how do you tell the time?"

Matt laughed as he responded: "I ask other people. And usually my phone, as well."

Dan agreed: "Good point. Okay, thank you very much – see you later on." Turning to Sally, he confessed: "I've been worried about that."

Sally wondered: "Have you? But also, in television studios there's a giant clock over the camera, there?"

Dan confessed: "I know, but you don't meet many people who don't have a watch!

"Anyway, carry on!" he told Sally, as she chuckled: "Shall I?"

"Yeah," Dan hurriedly agreed.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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