BBC EastEnders fans upset as hypocritical Cindy takes moral high ground with Bobby

EastEnders fans labelled Cindy Beale a "hypocrite" after she lashed out at Bobby, following the cafe fire which left her son Peter on a ventilator after he rushed in to save Bobby.

Rocky Cotton had started the fire hoping to use the insurance money to pay off his gambling debts, but this didn't go quite to plan, with Bobby, Peter and Rocky himself ending up in hospital following the blaze.

And while Rocky and Bobby have made it through mostly unscathed, Peter has not been quite so lucky, and remains in hospital hooked up to a ventilator.

Dramatic scenes in Tuesday's episode, 14 November, saw Cindy tell Bobby that he was partly to blame for Peter's condition, as he had rushed into the blaze to save him.

Lashing out at her step-son, Cindy told him that he had killed her daughter and now might have also killed her son, before adding that she would have left him to burn to death.

The conversation was overheard by Cindy's husband Ian, who was not particularly happy with how she had spoken to his son, leaving him wondering about the point of their relationship.

Viewers at home were also left unimpressed with Cindy, as they accused her of taking the "moral high ground" despite once ordering a hit on Ian, and the fact that she abandoned her children.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one wrote: "Cindy is starting to piss me off with her moral high ground s**te you tried to kill your husband dorlin #EastEnders"

To which another viewer replied: "Moral high ground what moral high ground she deserted 2 sets of kids she just does what Cindy wants to do #EastEnders"

A third added: "Cindy is a viper. She's so nasty to Bobby #eastenders" added another, while a third penned: "Cindy, love – I'm sorry that you weren't there to protect Lucy at the time of her death.

"But being an absolute b***h to the person who killed her isn't gonna bring her back. Besides, Bobby already feels bad enough for killing his sister #EastEnders."

Other fans were left annoyed at Cindy's reaction to Bobby praying as he waited in the hospital, with one complaining: "the islamaphobic cindy, can’t stand this woman. first she throws wine on bobby who’s a muslim and now this? piss off man #EastEnders."

And a second added: "Ok Cindy I know you're not bobby's biggest fan but gosh disrespecting his praying is not the one like I love you but no I can't #Eastenders."

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