Before We Die: Will there be another series? Lesley Sharp talks Channel 4 dramas future

Before We Die: Channel 4 release trailer for drama

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Before We Die began on Wednesday, May 26, gripping fans from the very start with the death of Detective Hannah Laing’s (played by Lesley Sharp) colleague and lover Sean (Bill Ward). As the premiere episode continued, more secrets and plot twists were unravelled, setting up what is expected to be a thrilling series. As viewers start to delve into the mysteries, many are keen to know if there will be more than just one season.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Before We Die.

Will there be another series of Before We Die? 

Before We Die is based on the Swedish TV series of the same name which originally came out in 2017.

The Swedish version was made up of two series so there is hope that the Channel 4 adaptation could be developed further.

On Thursday, March 17, it was confirmed that Before We Die would return for another series. 

The drama received more than 12 million views on All4, proving that it was a success. 

As of yet though, an official return date hasn’t been confirmed. 

Prior to the announcement, the future of Before We Die appeared bright. 

Speaking to Radio Times, actress Lesley Sharp hinted at a potential comeback.

She said by the end of the first series, the characters “all survive by the skin of their teeth so they need a bit of rest and recuperation if they’re coming back.”

Could it be that there will be a time jump between series one and two if Before We Die is renewed?

Sharp isn’t the only star of the drama to comment on the show’s future.

Actor Patrick Gibson who portrays Hannah’s son Christian has also spoken about series two.

When asked if the thriller will be brought back, Gibson told Digital Spy: “There’s no plot lines that are left unanswered necessarily, but the show ends on – like yeah absolutely [there could be] more, it could develop.

“I would love to [make a second season], I think even just to see… because for every character there’s an emotional arc that happens where they’re not the same person as they are at the start of the show.

“[To] pick that up and see a whole other few episodes with them would be really cool… Hopefully!”

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Season one of Before We Die was made up of just six episodes, airing weekly on Channel 4.

The drama started at the end of May 2021 and showed its second episode on Wednesday, June 2.

If you’re not up for waiting weeks to find out what happened then you can binge-watch the entirety of the series on All4.

Following the premiere episode, there are many questions in need of answering.

Before Sean died, he had been working with a police informant called Issy.

No one knew their identity until it was revealed at the end of episode one that it was Hannah’s son Christian.

He had been working with the Mimicas, a dangerous crime family but has he been double-crossing them all along?

Before We Die is available to watch on Channel 4.

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