Behind Her Eyes ending explained: What happened at the end?

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes arrived on Netflix on February 17 and fans have already binged the six episodes. The miniseries is based on the book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough and it is full of dark twists and turns. has all you need to know about what happened at the end.

WARNING: This story contains major spoilers for Behind Her Eyes

What happened at the end of Behind Her Eyes?

Louise found out the truth about Adele

The final episode started with Louise (played by Simona Brown) visiting one of David’s (Tom Bateman) old ‘love interests’ – Marianne (Eva Birthistle).

She explained how Adele (Eve Hewson) had broken into her home, warning her to stay away from David, even though they were not romantically involved.

David had forced Marianne not to press charges and he shipped Adele off to start a new life with him in London.

The story set fans up to believe Adele had been lying to Louise about her knowledge of Louise’s affair with David.

Realising there was more to Adele than she had let on, she returned home to speak to David and confront Adele.

David told the truth about Rob

Louise went to call Adele out on her lies and Adele decided to reveal the ‘truth’ about what happened to Rob (Robert Aramayo).

She said she believed David had killed Rob as he had suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye.

But David finally opened up to Louise about what really happened, saying Rob had overdosed on heroin.

Adele had called him in shock, saying she had no idea what to do with his body and had dumped it in a well.

In the process, she had dropped David’s watch, meaning it could link David to his death.

David decided to go back to Scotland to finally tell the truth about what happened.

Louise died

While David was away, Louise had confronted Adele about her special abilities.

Adele had learned ‘astral projection’, which meant she could leave her own body while sleeping to spy on others.

Louise had urged Adele to tell the truth about Rob, and Adele said she could not live if she told the truth.

Believing Adele was going to take her own life, Louise rushed round to her home to find it on fire.

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She had attempted to break in to no avail, so used her own astral projection skills to leave her body and enter Adele’s home.

Knowing Louise would do this all along, Adele was able to switch bodies with Louise.

With Adele now taking Louise’s form, she killed Louise who was trapped inside Adele’s body.

She forced her to overdose on heroin, leaving her dead in the house, while Adele’s soul continued to live in Louise’s body.

Rob swapped bodies with Adele

If fans were confused enough already, they were in for an even bigger shock when they learned who Adele really was.

In a flashback scene, Rob and Adele had learned how to switch bodies in their sleep.

Rob, who had feelings for Adele’s boyfriend David, decided to kill Adele while she was in his body so he could be with David forever.

So the Adele fans had seen from the beginning was in fact Rob’s soul inside Adele’s body.

When Adele killed Louise, it was actually Rob entering Louise’s body.

Louise, who had started a relationship with David, was Rob’s way of getting closer to his true love.

At the end, David and Louise ended up getting married, but little did David know he was marrying Rob.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now.

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