'Big Brother 21' Fans Are Calling the America's Field Trip Twist a Flop

Big Brother is full of twists and sometimes they can include fans. Big Brother 21 had the America’s Field Trip twist which allowed them to affect someone’s game. However, now that this week’s eviction is getting closer fans are calling it a flop. Find out why they’re disappointed and more.

Fans voted for 3 houseguests to play in America’s Field Trip

America had eight days to vote for three houseguests they wanted to participate in a twist called America’s Field Trip. This is a competition where the person who wins gets safety for the week, second place would get a punishment, and third place would go on the block as the third nominee for eviction.

There was a question of how fans would vote. Would they vote for people they loved or hated? They went with the latter by voting for Jackson, Analyse, and Christie.

Jackson won safety, Analyse got second place and has to wear a chicken costume for a week, and Christie lost meaning she was on the block.

Christie was on the block and many fans celebrated

Fans were hopeful given Christie was on the block. She was seen being very unhappy about being chosen for the twist and losing.

“I don’t like knowing that America wanted me a part of this competition,” she said in the diary room while crying. “I wouldn’t want to vote someone I loved to compete. I would vote people that I didn’t like.”

Fans aren’t the only ones rooting against her. Sam, who previously was in the Big Brother house, talked about how this moment felt like justice. He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “seeing Christie cry because she now realizes that maybe she’s not as loved as she thinks. Oh! It is sweet justice! Because I have been having a really hard time with things that Christie has said toward my family.”

It was an interesting result given it was Tommy’s week to be Head of Household. He has been working closely with Christie since the very beginning since they knew each other before the show. So he wasn’t happy that she lost and quickly had the plan to take her off the block if he can in the future.

Fans think the twist was a flop after Christie was taken off the block

Tommy managed to take back the power this week by winning the veto competition in episode 22. He unsurprisingly used it on Christie and there is no need to replace her on the block. That leaves Cliff and Kathryn on the block to possibly be evicted.

Many fans are angry that their votes didn’t really stick. Some wondered what was the point if there wouldn’t be a replacement. Others thought that the veto shouldn’t work on America’s choice.

There is still some time left this season and there could be another twist, but many believe this one was a bust. Tommy seems to be more focused on getting Kathryn out because she is working with everyone in the house. Fans will have to wait and see if he’ll actually get what he wants.

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