Big Brother twist: Eviction night shocker, Nightmare Power revelation

The Big Brother twist just got revealed. Host Julie Chen opened the July 3 episode by giving the CBS audience some huge news.

This is a big change in how things are done, as typically the evicted houseguest walks right out the front door. Now, though, they are going to remain inside the game. That will be the case for the first four evicted houseguests.

The Head of Household week for Christie Murphy just took a turn, as she will have to deal with someone she put on the block for eviction.

Big Brother 21 has become very twisty

A season of twists just continues. First, there was a banishment where David Alexander was out of the game before CBS even aired its first episode. Then, the Whacktivity Competition was presented.

There were 16 houseguests to start the summer 2019 season, so it was clear that something might happen that would shake things up. A typical summer could allow for 18 houseguests, but 16 hinted at battle backs and ways for people to return to the game.

Ovi Kabir and David Alexander are still inside the house, where they will be competing in the social game, but not the competitions of the season. At some point, they will get to compete for a chance to return to the game.

Big Brother Nightmare Power revelation

A full recap of the latest episode is available. During the latest episode, Ovi Kabir revealed that he had won the Nightmare Power through the special competition.

With the Nightmare Power, Ovi had the chance to cancel out the nominations of a Head of Household. He passed on the chance to use that secret power during Week 1. He also tried to use it in negotiations to save himself.

The next episode of the show is on Sunday night (July 7), but there are likely to be a lot of Big Brother 21 spoilers over the next few days due to what just happened with this huge twist.

Big Brother has new CBS episodes during summer 2019.

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