Bruce Springsteen Teases Film of 'Western Stars' Performances

The Boss promises that film of latest album directed by Thom Zimny will arrive this calendar year

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Bruce Springsteen on Wednesday teased that a film of himself performing his latest album “Western Stars” is on the way very soon.

Springsteen made a surprise call into Sirius XM’s E Street Radio channel Wednesday and revealed plans for the film, which he said should arrive sometime this calendar year.

“We got a film that’s looking good, so that will be exciting,” Springsteen told hosts Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo. “We made a film of the ‘Western Stars’ album. I play the record start to finish along with some other things.”

Springsteen said the film is directed by Thom Zimny, who directed the concert video of “Springsteen on Broadway” available on Netflix, along with numerous other Springsteen music videos and shorts.

The Boss added that performing the new album live was a good way of giving fans a live experience for the album, as he does not have a tour planned in support of it.

“We knew there wasn’t going to be a tour, so I was looking for a way to get the music live to an audience, and we figured that was the best way to do it,” Springsteen said. “It was a great time, so looking forward to getting it to the fans when we can.”

“Western Stars” is Springsteen’s 19th studio album and his first of completely new material since 2009’s “Working on a Dream.” The more acoustic, cinematic sounding album, featuring singles like “Hello Sunshine” and “There Goes My Miracle,” earned Springsteen some of the best reviews in recent years, and the album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 behind Madonna’s “Madame X.”

“We were excited by the whole reception of the record, because the record was a little off to the left, and I really didn’t know what kind of response it was going to get,” Springsteen said. “But just walking around and talking to fans on the street and seeing how the record was received, it was very exciting and made us look for how we could sort of further that experience without playing live right now, because I’m still working on some other things.”

Check out Springsteen’s full conversation on Sirius XM E Street Radio below.

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