Charley Webb breaks silence on Emmerdale exit after Matthew Wolfenden race row

Emmerdale actress Charley Webb has confirmed her permanent exit from Emmerdale after 19 years on the soap.

The actress, 33, last appeared as Debbie Dingle back in February, with her character having moved to Scotland in 2019, when the star gave birth to her and Matthew's third child.

Citing her growing family as the reason or her exit, the star posted on Instagram in response to the question: “Have you left Emmerdale?”

The 33-year-old said: “This is always my most asked question but I’ve never answered it before because I’ve never wanted to make a big deal out of it.

“I left to have Ace 2 years ago. I went back at the end of last year for 10 weeks to complete a storyline. So, I guess officially it’s been a year. I never felt the need to announce it which is why we didn’t.”

The mum-of-three hasn't been seen on screen since the beginning of the year after her character Debbie Dingle was involved in an affair with villain Al.

A spokeswoman for Emmerdale confirmed the character has been written out, saying, "There are no current plans for Debbie Dingle to return."

Despite citing her family as the reason for her exit, husband Matthew’s recent race row is rumoured to have been a cause in the actresses exit from the show.

Matthew was recently spotted returning to set following a two-month break after bosses launched a race probe against him and a co-star.

Matthew's character David Metcalfe was suddenly written out of the soap after nearly being killed in the rapids during explosive episodes in October.

Matthew, 41, had indicated his wife was ready to return to the soap when the Covid-19 crisis passed, but he has since become the centre of controversy over an investigation into an alleged inappropriate remark he made in the presence of a mixed-race actress.

An ITV spokesperson told The Mirror at the time: "While we would never comment on individual cases, Emmerdale has robust policies in place to deal with any allegations brought to our attention and take the appropriate steps."

The pair have categorically denied all the allegations and any wrongdoing, suggesting that instead there has been a misunderstanding.

It was also claimed that following the incident, Matthew rowed with co-star Aaron.

While neither stars have filmed scenes for Emmerdale since September, Matthew and Isabel have not been formally suspended by ITV bosses.

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