Chloe Ferry reveals incredible weight loss but admits she still 'puts herself down' over her body

CHLOE Ferry has admitted she still 'puts herself down' about her body despite her recent weight loss.

Chloe, 25, took to Instagram on Saturday to tell her 3.4 million followers she had been scrolling through old pictures and videos of herself from one year ago.

The Geordie Shore star decided to post before and after pictures of herself – in particular focusing on her legs.

"I've just been scrolling and I've just found some videos and I can't believe the difference of how much weight I've lost," she told her fans.

"I was meant to see that today because I still put myself down about my weight, I'm up and down like one minute I feel I look good and the next I don’t.

"I feel like that was meant to happen today to come up on my memories because I’ve seen the comparison to what I look like now to then but yeah, it was meant to happen," Chloe added.

She went on to reveal to her fans which garments she likes to wear to flatter her figure.

Admitting that they keep her bum looking "dead perky", she modelled an array of leggings in her mirror as she spoke to her fans.

It seems Chloe may even prefer the stretchy trousers to wearing jeans as she recently said it's a nightmare trying to find denim to fit her hourglass curves.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the reality TV favourite showed off her sensational figure as she documented her hourglass battle.

In the video, Chloe first of all filmed from the front as she flaunted her miniscule waist.

She then turned to her side, revealing a gaping space between her back and her jeans, which fitted perfectly around her bum.

Chloe captioned the clip: "Always have a nightmare in jeans. Small waist/ big bum problem."

A second video showed that Chloe had overcome the issue by adding a tight belt, which held her jeans in place despite their poor fit.

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