Chloe gets ready to rebel as she vows to snare Mack in Emmerdale

As the aftermath of Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) being revealed as the father of Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland)’s son Reuben (Sebastian Kenneth Downes) continues to be felt all over Emmerdale, Chloe starts to reassess her feelings about the father of her child.

After getting together for a one night stand during which Reuben was conceived, it seemed that it was only alcohol and Mack’s self pity after he and Charity (Emma Atkins) had exchanged some harsh words that had thrown them together. They didn’t seem to like each other much and this continued to be the case throughout Chloe’s pregnancy.

Mack was entirely focused on protecting his relationship with Charity. Chloe and the baby were his dirty little secret that he just wished would vanish, and when Chloe said she was going to move to Scotland he was relieved.

Everything started to change for him when Chloe told him the baby she was expecting was a boy, and allowed him to feel the baby moving. From then on he was struggling with his feelings for the baby, knowing that he desperately wanted to be a dad.

Chloe has been through far more, of course. From giving birth to Reuben and coming to terms with the reality of being a mum, it wasn’t long before Reuben fell ill and she had to face the prospect that she might lose him. Her fierce and protective love for her baby came to the fore as she refused to leave him for a moment while he was in hospital.

She also rejected Mack when he wanted to be by Reuben’s side as well, justifiably saying he hadn’t earned that right.

Once the truth was out, however, there was no barrier to Mackenzie spending more time with Reuben and in upcoming episodes this leads to Chloe and Mack growing closer as Mack promises that from now on he’ll be there for his son.

Misreading the situation, Chloe goes in for a kiss, which Mack rejects as he’s still in love with Charity.

While Mack does his best to repair the damage that’s been done to his marriage by spending time with Charity and Moses (Arthur Cockroft) at the playground, Chloe is left to ponder her growing feelings for him.

Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) warns her sister that she’s only going to get hurt if she tries to pursue a relationship with Mack, but it looks like Chloe is going to ignore her advice.

Will Mack and Charity reconcile? Or could Chloe, Mack and Reuben become the family unit that Chloe hopes for?

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