Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby ‘calls time’ on relationship with Nick

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Nick Tilsley (played by Ben Price) recently learnt he had a son, which has been brought up by his ex-Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac) for the past ten years. Understandably, the Underworld boss was surprised, but no more than his current partner, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is going to be when she finds out. spoke to the actors who play Nick and Natasha about this storyline twist and it seems, somewhere along the line, Nick and Leanne will break up. 

Official soap spoilers have revealed how Nick confides in his mother Gail Platt (Helen Worth) about his secret son, explaining how he wants Sam to be part of the family, but is worried about the pain it could cause Leanne. 

The matriarch advises her son to be straight with his partner and tell her about his child, but Nick is adamant now is not the appropriate time considering everything going on with Oliver. 

Meanwhile, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and Leanne meet with a hospital mediator but their hopes are dashed when Oliver’s doctor reiterates his initial medical opinion; there’s nothing they can do for Oliver and a second opinion would just be a waste of money. 

Desperate for a cure, viewers will see Leanne vow to fight for Oliver, even if that means going to court and she discusses specialist legal teams and spending thousands on a court case with Steve when they interrupted by Nick and Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) arrival. 

Steve rings a few local estate agents for a quick sale on Street Cars and Preston’s Petals to raise the cash, but Tracy puts her foot down and says they can’t throw away their future on a court case they’re not going to win.

Steve is left raging, while Nick has reached a decision over his relationship with Sam. 

Ringing Natasha, he leaves a message for his son confirming that he’d love to see him, and Gail is extremely excited to meet her grandson. 

However, Nick reaches a crossroads when he attends a meeting with Leanne and their new barrister. 

Realising their time slot is running over, Nick repeatedly checks his phone and Leanne is left unimpressed, accusing him of being more interested in his phone than Oliver’s welfare.

With no other choice but to tell Leanne, he explains the person he’s been texting is his son, and explains how Natasha gave birth Sam nine years ago but kept it a secret from him.

He then admits he met Sam a few days ago, but kept the truth from her as he was worried about the strain she’s already under with Oliver. 

Leanne is furious and asks Nick to summon Natasha and Sam to the hospital. 

As she meets Sam how will Leanne react?

Well, it seems her emotions will get the better of her and Corrie fans could see her call time on her relationship with Nick. 

Rachel, who plays Natasha spoke about her character’s agenda and whether she hops a romantic reconciliation with Nick is on the cards. 

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No, it’s not part of her agenda,” she stated. 

“But’s it’s funny, because everyone on Twitter, the fans of the show but also fans of Nick and Liam are really worried that she’s coming to to break them up but that’s not it at all actually.

“If anything is more likely to be the situation that causes them [Nick and Leanne] problems and and Nick maybe not coming clean about what’s going on, rather than it being Natasha’s doing this time,” she added. 

“He is obviously going through a horrendous time with everything that’s happening with Oliver. 

“And he’s backed into a corner emotionally, ‘What does he do?’ 

“And she’s just very cautious; it’s suggested she has had relationships with other men before, but this is different because it’s her son’s father, and therefore, she’s very cautious about the meeting. 

“She [Natasha] needs to make it clear to him, ‘If you are going to have a relationship with him [Sam] it needs to be forever’ because obviously her priority is Sam and what emotional impact that will have on him as opposed to other boyfriends that she might have had in the past. 

“It’s not the same,” the actress continued. 

“She’s just trying to do the right thing by him [Sam]. So, initially as the story unfolds, it’s all very tentative.” 

When Leanne sees Sam and Nick together, does she decide a break is needed so she can focus on Oliver and he on his son? 

After all, would she deny Nick precious time with his son, when she would give anything to do that with Oliver for a while longer… 

Coronation Street airs tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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