Coronation Street theory: Glenda Shuttleworth to take over Rovers as Jenny Connor sells up

Corrie: Jenny Connor says Daisy Midgeley can move in

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Glenda (played by Jodie Prenger) is the sister of George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) and in the latest episode of Coronation Street, she was forced to step in for her brother after he took tramadol as a pain killer for his tooth pain. It has been revealed she will soon make the leap over from the undertakers to the Rovers Return as it seems the pub is in need of some more staff. However, she might end up running the place as there were some hints dropped that Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) is going to leave the ITV soap in the near future.

The episode began with Jenny’s partner, Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), acting very suspiciously as he was seen by Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) dressed in a suit in the early hours of the morning.

Daniel also discovered it was Leo’s last day in his current role as a labourer and it wasn’t long before he relayed all this information to Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Jumping to the conclusion her stepmother was being cheated on, Daisy informed Jenny and this made her miserable heading into dinner with her boyfriend.

As he tried to lift her spirits, the current Rovers owner wasn’t having any of it and she finally confronted him about what he had been hiding from her.

It seemed Daisy was way off the mark as Leo had actually been tying up some loose ends in Weatherfield for a very different reason.

Leo explained: “You’ve got it wrong, I’ve got a new job, not a new woman,” and Jenny was left shocked he had been hiding this from her.

“What job?” she asked, to which Leo added: “The same job I am doing now only for more money.”

Still suspicious, Jenny continued: “But why does that mean you had to sneak around in the middle of the night?” to which Leo told her it was a job abroad.

“My interview was on video chat and because of the time difference, it was a late night call. They’re in Canada, Toronto,” he said.

Jenny thought this meant he was going to break up with her but he instead asked his girlfriend to travel halfway around the world with him.

Why sneak around?

Jenny Connor

The Rovers owner was left shell-shocked by the news but she didn’t seem to give him a straight answer after he asked her to go with him.

Apart from Daisy and her stepdaughter Carla Connor (Alison King) still living on the cobbles, there is not much left for Jenny.

She could consider moving away with Leo to begin a new chapter of her life and to begin with, she could keep the ownership of the pub.

This would mean Daisy would need to be joined by a new member of staff who would be Glenda.

However, having to ensure the pub is ticking over whilst living in Canada could become too much for Jenny and she could decide to sell up.

Those working at the pub would be worried they would lose their jobs and Daisy could see it as a big betrayal as she thought Jenny would have given her first right to refusal over the sale.

As she doesn’t have enough money, Daisy wouldn’t be able to buy the Rovers but someone who could take over the pub could be Glenda.

Having wracked up a fair few savings during her time on the cruise ships, she would be ready to buy some property on the cobbles.

Daisy would be livid but Glenda would promise she could be bar manager and continue to live at the pub with her so they can run things together.

Strictly speaking, however, Glenda would be in charge and it would be the beginning of the Shuttleworths taking over Weatherfield.

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Will Glenda become one of the most memorable owners of the Rovers Return or will she ruin the legacy of the iconic pub?

Discussing her arrival onto the cobbles, executive producer Iain MacLeod confirmed she would become a character behind the bar.

The soap boss said: “Glenda sails in fresh from the cruise ships with a whiff of the exotic, quickly making best friends and enemies in equal measure.

“The character is loads of fun and has echoes of classic Coronation Street females of old. Jodie is a fabulous talent and we are all very excited to have her aboard. She has felt very Corrie since the moment she stepped onto set.

“I think the viewers will love her,” he added.

Speaking about joining the cast, Jodie recently said: “She’s a woman to be reckoned with. She reminds me a lot of my mother. She’s fun and she’s sassy and she’s a bundle of energy.

“She does come off a cruise ship and there’s a vibrancy with her which is just… she’s a dream to play,” she added, as well as telling she was told she got the part whilst shopping in IKEA.

“I swear to God I must have petrified about 30-odd people at IKEA. We were at the checkout – I was with my mum – and my agent Michelle called.

“Michelle said, ‘We’ve got the offer for Corrie’. Well, I screamed, and I cried. One woman nearly dropped a cactus, God love her. And then my mum came out, she started crying.”

Could Glenda be the next owner of the Rovers Return?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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