Corrie Daisy fate ‘sealed’ – Justin DNA twist, hostage hell, long-lost brother

Coronation Street fans are fearing for Daisy Midgeley amid her stalking ordeal, after Justin was revealed to be the same man she encountered at the hospital.

Justin claimed his mum is going through treatment for terminal cancer, and later bombarded Daisy with flowers and chocolates, leaving her spooked.

When he turned up at the Rovers, Justin confessed he heard her full name called by the nurse in the waiting room and decided to look her up online – and seems determined that Daisy should leave her fiancé Daniel to date him instead.

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Though Daisy’s mum has claimed it’s all an innocent bit of fun, Daisy has been left horrified, especially as the man now knows where she lives.

But what does the future have in store for the pair? We take a look…

Hostage hell

With Daisy already spooked by Justin’s creepy behaviour, fans think there is only one logical progression for the storyline to take – for Justin to kidnap the object of his affections.

Corrie has never shied away from a hostage scenario, whether it was John Stape kidnapping Rosie Webster or killer Pat Phelan holding Andy hostage in a dank basement for months.

Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: “What are we all thinking about Justin in #Corrie? Will he end up holding Daisy hostage and/or killing her?”

Another echoed: “Daisy has a right to worry about Justin. I just hope that things don’t turn out dark between him and Daisy.”

Christina’s co-conspirator

The arrival of Daisy’s mum Christina on the cobbles after years of not speaking to her daughter sparked concern with some fans – especially seeing how blasé she was about Daisy’s stalking ordeal.

And as always with a new character, fans have been desperately speculating about her motive online, with some pointing out her coming onto the street around the same time as Justin looks suspicious.

Some think they could be conspiring together – perhaps to kidnap Daisy and extort Jenny for money or the pub.

One Twitter user warned: “Daisy needs to be careful around Justin and her mum, I trust neither.”

As someone else agreed: “Wouldn’t surprise me if Justin and Christina are related?”

“What is Daisy’s mum after? Definitely not a good night for Daisy,” another fan posted.

Secret DNA link

Plenty more fans think Justin could have some sort of blood connection to Daisy – and could even turn out to be her secret brother.

Taking to social media to air their thoughts, several conspiracy theories think Justin could be in for the shock of his life when their DNA link is finally revealed.

One fan suggested: “I wonder if Justin is Daisy’s brother she didn’t know she had?” as another penned: “Wonder if Daisy has got any brothers or sisters?”

“I wonder if Justin could be a relative of Daisy’s?” a third penned.


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