Corrie fans all have same demand for doctor as Carla spike horror continues

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    Coronation Street fans have all said the same thing as Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) continues drugging Carla Connor.

    Evil Stephen has been drugging the Underworld boss, played by Alison King, for weeks and took things one

    step further during Wednesday's episode (March 15) when he double dosed her drink with LSD.

    At the beginning of the episode, a vulnerable Carla went to see Dr Gaddas (Christine Mackie) and revealed that each time she’s suffered an episode, it feels like she’s tripping on drugs.

    The doctor then prescribed her with diazepam to help deal with the episodes.

    Later on, the Americans arrived at Underworld and Stephen reminded Carla how she needed to be on top form.

    Shocked at his nerve, Carla took charge and ordered him to make tea.

    Angry at being belittled in front of their guests, Stephen added a double dose of LSD to Carla’s drink.

    As the meeting came to a close, the drugs kicked in and Carla’s behaviour became erratic.

    After the Americans left, the team began celebrate the deal before being interrupted Carla.

    Convinced the group were talking about her behind her back, Carla demanded they all leave the factory.

    But as Carla struggled with what was happening to her, fans took to social media to point out that she could have discovered what was wrong with her if the doctor had simply run some blood tests.

    "If only Carla had seen the doctor after she's been spiked so she can get some blood tests done so she can know the truth behind her hallucinations," wrote one user.

    Another added: "Why has no one noticed that Carla only gets off her t**s after a brew? And why hasn't the Dr done routine blood tests?"

    "So the doctor didn’t order any blood tests for Carla? #Corrie," questioned a third person.

    Echoing this, someone else shared: "The Dr not kicking Peter out or arranging some blood tests!! Ridiculous".

    Stephen could be set to be exposed however, as Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo) is now onto him.

    "When did you start spiking her," he asked while sat opposite Stephen in The Rovers. "What you being doing? Putting it in her food? No, she's not a dog. Stirring it in her drink? In her tea?"

    Rufus then theorised that Stephen has carefully planned it to make people think Carla has gone mad so she isn't fit to run Underworld anymore.

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    That was your plan all along wasn't it, making it look like she's gone mad.

    He then threatened to tell Carla everything.

    "Maybe she'll laugh at me, or maybe she'll tell me I've got it all wrong."

    Stephen then attempted to blackmail Rufus by using the woman.

    "What will it take…," as Rufus finished his sentence: "To keep your little secret?"

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