Corrie fans predict Imran Habeeb slept with Abi Franklin in Toyah affair twist

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Coronation Street fans are sure they've finally worked out who Imran Habeeb slept with the night of Kelly Neelan's verdict.

Imran was seen heading into a taxi with his ex-wife Sabeen – but it was later confirmed that he had left before the night was over, despite not returning home to his girlfriend Toyah.

And Sabeen also dropped a huge hint about a "mystery woman" spotted with Imran on the night.

On Monday's visit to the cobbles, Sabeen popped into Imran's office and happened to mention Abi Franklin in relation to posters being put up about her former client Corey Brent.

Imran went rather quiet when she mentioned her name, and insisted that she's still not come back to the cobbles.

Later, Sabeen continued her blackmailing of Imran to pressure him into working Harvey Gaskell's appeal case, with the threat of telling Toyah hanging over his head.

The move prompted fans to flock to social media with their own theories, certain that it was actually Abi who Imran slept with that night. One posted: "Was Imran on the gear with Abi?!"

Someone else echoed: "Who was Imran with? Abi or Laura [Neelan]."

As another fan theorised that Abi's sudden disappearance from the street could also prove their guilt: "So Imran didn't sleep with Sabeen? Reckon it was Abi, maybe that's the reason she suddenly dumped Kevin and went away as she feels guilty. Or even worse he slept with Laura!"

"OMG Imran slept with Abi didn't he!!" someone else tweeted.

As another fan wrote: "Abi's gotta be a prime suspect, right? Had a bit of a moment with Imran that night, then leaves Kev shortly after?"

Abi was left just as devastated as Imran on the night of Kelly's verdict, as they were forced to watch killer Corey Brent go free – could they have been drowning their sorrows together?

However, some fans are still certain Imran slept with his ex-wife – and that she's pregnant as a result.

"Imagine if Sabeen was pregnant with Imran's baby!" one wrote with a row of shocked-face emojis.

"Sabeen is pregnant, I'll put a 10 spot on it!" someone else echoed.

And some are even suspicious that Alina Pop's baby could be Imran's and not her ex Tyrone's, after she too fled the street for her native Romania.

It comes after Alina threw it in Ty's face that the baby might not even be his – leaving him devastated even when she took back the words.

And later, she told Ty she wasn't pregnant after all and had mixed up her dates, but was seen cradling her stomach at the airport where she declined the offer of alcohol.

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