Corrie star reveals Paula's shocking secret that could end in death

Nobody ships the relationship between lawyer Paula Martin (Stirling Gallacher) and Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) more than us – but the Coronation Street solicitor’s terrifying ordeal which is heavily linked to her past and a heavy secret she is carrying could be their undoing.

With Paula unable to talk about some of her more sensitive cases, it has been alluded that she is somehow involved in the child trafficking storyline involving Jan Losinsky (Piotr Baumann). And when intruders break into the Webster household and start rifling through her paperwork, Jack ends up in danger and at their mercy, something which leaves Paula horrified.

Stirling told us: ‘Does she feel guilty about what happens and how Jack was put in real danger? Yes of course! She’s mortified. To put a small child at risk like that is awful. I don’t think Paula would have made a conscious choice to endanger Sophie or her family in her own interests but fear can skew a persons judgement and Paula is way more scared than she is letting on.

‘She is dealing with some nasty folk and she has found herself in a very dangerous situation, just by doing her job. She is very scared by what is happening and is out of her depth.’

Hinting at what Paula’s secret could be, Stirling confirmed the link between her character and Jan, saying: ‘She knows Jan in a professional capacity and is very compromised by him living in such close proximity. Paula is very worried and is extremely uncomfortable and must be VERY careful what she says as the situation is beyond delicate.’

With Brooke set to head off on maternity leave, fans are worried for the future of Sophie and Paula’s relationship. But Stirling isn’t ruling out their chances.

She mused: ‘Paula has really missed being with Sophie and while she hadn’t pinned down how it would happen or if it was indeed possible, I think she had thought at length about the possibility of them reuniting in the time they were apart. I think they are a good, but un-obvious match and in lots of ways it would be fascinating to watch them evolve.’

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