Corries Will Mellor recalls being hit in the face by a fan over storyline

Coronation Street star Will Mellor has detailed being hit across the face by a furious soap fan during a public altercation he encountered early in his career.

The Cobble’s newest villain detailed the shocking event during an appearance on This Morning as he told hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary that he has faced much criticism for playing the bad guy in his soap roles.

Will, who also plays evil Harvey Gaskell on the cobbles, said: "People do believe what your characters do in soaps.

"People always shout at you in the streets and that, but years ago, I did Brookside and I was in that when I was about 17 and my character Paul he had a passion wagon with a mattress in the back – a lovely character," he laughed.

Will, 45, then recalled walking down the street with his dad when a passerby began to heckle him before approaching him and slapping him across the face.

"Anyway, Paul got a girl pregnant when she was sixteen and he legged it back to Manchester after finding out. He left her there in the lurch. So, after that aired, I’m walking with my dad where I used to live and this elderly lady is walking towards me."

Will then demonstrated to Alison and Dermot how the lady slapped him and exclaimed: "She hit me right across the face!"

"She started to confront me, and then all of a sudden she hit me right across the face. Then she shouted ‘you’ve left that poor girl pregnant. You better get back there and look after her – she's pregnant and she’s only sixteen’."

Host Alison also recalled another incident where the star had a bag of crisps thrown at him: "What about a bag of crisps, someone chucked a bag of crisps at you, didn’t they?"

He laughed and recalled: "Yeah, I was with my dad at the time we went to Spain, I ordered two pints for me and my dad and a packet of crisps hit me in the face, the landlord just launched them at me."

Speaking about his Coronation Street character, the Bredbury-born star said: £He’s a great character, obviously he’s a baddie but yeah, great to play."

Alison joked: "Did you do any research because he is a drug lord, isn’t he? What do you know about drugs, babes?"

"Well, these programmes you know about gangs like 24 Hours in Police Custody, they do all these different programmes.

"I watched one about Manchester gangs in Salford and all that, and I saw what they were like, and I based it on them and how relentless they are."

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