Dan Walker scolds unprofessional Janette Manrara after awkward tea accident

Janette Manrara was left red-faced during Tuesday's handover between BBC Breakfast and Morning Live, after knocking over her mug of tea live on air.

The presenter was left mortified during the segment after she suffered the awkward blunder in front of her co-host Gethin Jones and BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker and Louise Minchin.

When the BBC Breakfast hosts asked the pair what would be coming up on the show, Gethin promised another Strictly Come Dancing workout routine.

While Gethin announced this, Janette could be stretching alongside him with a smile on her face.

Gethin told viewers: “If you have aches and pains or even a stiff back, don’t miss Strictly fitness because Janette has just the thing to make you feel good.”

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However, things went pear-shaped after she stretched out and ended up spilling her morning tea across the studio floor.

The professional dance stretched her arms out and said: “Like a cat."

As Gethin repeated “like a cat,” Janette then knocked the morning brew off of the table next to her.

With the beverage going everywhere she gasped: “Ooh!” and then Gethin put his head in his hands.

Dan and Louise found the funny side of it and laughed at the scene from the BBC Breakfast studio as Janette covered her mouth in shock.

Dan was heard shouting: “You’re meant to be a professional. You’re meant to be professional Manrara.”

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Gethin commented: “Timing was perfect, wasn’t it? We’ll get that cleaned up. See you at 9.15am.”

Back in the BBC Breakfast studio, Dan added: “Thank you, we’ll be paying very close attention.”

“Don’t dance like that,” Louise warned her co-host referencing his upcoming stint on Strictly.

Dan laughed: “Exactly! I was looking to Janette for tips but that’s not happening now.”

More gaffes followed suit as Louise then accidentally threw her pen across the studio.

Off-screen, Louise accidentally sent her pen flying across the room and apologised, "Ooh, sorry I've thrown my pen!"

Co-host Roger Johnson laughed "I thought you were doing a shimmy!"

"I was not! Believe me, I don't shimmy!" insisted Louise, throwing her hands up in the air to say no.

Roger ignored her and carried on doing a shimmying move, shaking his shoulders as he laughed.

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