Dancing On Ice’s Caprice was ‘too scared to speak to partner Hamish Gaman after he enforced harsh rule’ – The Sun

DANCING On Ice's Caprice Bourret was reportedly "too scared to speak to partner Hamish Gaman after he enforced a harsh rule".

Caprice has quit the ITV show just days after being assigned a new professional partner.

While insiders close to Hamish have said he was being bullied by the American businesswoman, a source close to Caprice said he enforced a "three strikes and you're out rule" if she didn't do what he said.

"Caprice was so excited when she signed up for Dancing On Ice, she was was looking forward to working on her fitness and making her children proud," a source told the MailOnline.

"But she didn't expect to be ignored during training and in the end was too scared to speak after Hamish enforced a three strikes and you're out rule.

"As a complete skating novice she had hoped to be guided through the moves but she was refused extra help when rehearsing lifts and was even branded a 'diva' for requesting additional support."

The mum-of-two quit to "recover and look after herself and her family" following the fallout from the show.

But the insider claims a coach had to intervene when he pushed her too far during training.

Hamish allegedly told Caprice to resist for three minutes as he pushed down on her leg as she practised a spiral move.

A coach then interrupted as she moaned in pain, though Hamish reportedly said: "If you keep talking or try to help her I'll add on another minute."

However, Hamish has told pals he felt "humiliated" by the American model during rehearsals after she mocked him and branded him "a girl" as they practised their routines together.

The Sun Online can reveal the Brit skating champ is now in therapy as a result of the war with Caprice after her words dredged up a slew of painful memories from his past.

Concerned for his mental well-being, ITV bosses arranged for weekly therapy sessions for Hamish, who was picked on as a schoolboy for his love of ballet and skating.

A source told The Sun Online: "Caprice began to belittle and disrespect Hamish very quickly after their first training sessions began.

"She would mock him in front of the Dancing On Ice crew with comments such as, ‘you skate like a girl’ and ‘be more manly – you’re more feminine than me’.

"It became relentless every day and left both Hamish and the crew shocked. Behaviour like this has never been seen on the show before."

The source added: "Caprice's words sent Hamish into a dark place, as it took him back to his days at school where he was bullied for his love of figure skating and ballet.

"Because of the impact of their fallout, ITV have now taken the step to provide him with weekly therapy sessions.

"They are keen to ensure he is okay and able to continue on the show, as he is a very much valued and respected member of the professional team."

Caprice strongly denies the claims.

In the wake of her departure, a pal told The Sun: “Caprice felt she had no option but to quit after feeling bullied and sidelined. She’s distraught.

“She adored Oscar but the atmosphere at Dancing On Ice felt isolating and nasty. She needed to look after herself and her family so walked away.

“She feels bosses sided with Hamish and says they have provided her with no counselling or after-care following the fall-out."

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