Django’s showrunner lifts the lid on reimagining 1872

Django: Sky TV releases trailer for new series

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On Wednesday, Sky Atlantic’s new western drama Django premiered with a star-studded cast led by titular actor Matthias Schoenaerts. Ahead of its release director Francesca Comenini spoke exclusively to about reimagining the late 1800s.

Django transports viewers to the 19th-century Wild West, to Babylon, a town founded by John Ellis (played by Nicholas Pinnock).

As well as shining a light on his leadership and complicated relationship with an enemy, the show follows the jaded cowboy, Django.

He arrives in the town after a treacherous journey hoping to reunite with his long-lost daughter, Sara (Lisa Vicari).

Only to discover Sara is alive and about to marry John Ellis.

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The spaghetti western drama is based on the 1966 Italian film of the same name by Sergio Corbucci.

In order to successfully depict the Wild West, filming took place in Romania, with Babylon constructed by Paki Meduri in the town of Racoș.

However, as well as ensuring the scenes were adapted, Francesca spoke on the importance of staying true to the original film.

She told “I had to make a kind of research of course, and have the source, the visual source, and the paintings.

“You can try to be loyal to the time but also to relate because it’s very strange.

“I’m not doing so many, period [dramas] because for me you have to relate and to try to think what you can find, what that means to you and to all this story that hasn’t been written.”

Francesca explained: “This show is really in search of a balance between paying homage to a time, paying homage to a genre which is a legendary genre like Western.

“But also trying to be free, and trying to find something which has a singularity and modernity that means something for us today. This is the balance I tried to look for.”

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Viewers will see Sara and Django reunite, and although he is relieved to finally find his daughter, Sara has nothing but hatred for her father.

She blames Django for the brutal massacre of her entire family, who all died while he was away at war.

Although Django wants to start afresh and get to know his now adult daughter, Sara wants him to leave Babylon.

Throughout a series of flashbacks, viewers will see the close bond Sara once shared with her father.

As well as being confronted with her long-lost father, Sara will find herself on the front line of a complicated war.

She and John Ellis will work hard to protect Babylon from Elizabeth Thurman (Noomi Rapace) who wants the town.

However, unbeknownst to anyone a web of dark secrets will bubble to the surface and explain Elizabeth’s history with John Ellis.

Django is available to stream on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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