EastEnders fans baffled as they spot Lily paternity plot hole in custody row

EastEnders fans were quicker than the writers of the show to notice an error in the latest storyline for Martin Fowler.

Martin’s current plot on the show surrounds his attempts to keep custody of his daughter Lily while her mother Stacey is in prison, except Martin isn’t her father.

Lily was conceived after Stacey Slater slept with the character Ryan Malloy, Lily having had a relationship with him ever since she was born.

One viewer tried to make sense of the error, asking if Lily even knew that Ryan was her father and Martin just her step-father.

But a quick response made it clear that Lily should be well aware of her parentage.

The reply reads: “She should do. They used to see each other off screen.

“Stacey used to mention that she’s seeing Ryan. Now they’re pretending dopey Martin is her Dad.

“And have they forgotten Whitney is her Aunt?”

The show had managed to pull the wool over some fans eyes though as one said: “To be honest I'd forgotten that Ryan was Lily's father.

“Haven't seen him for a long time and he's never spoken about that I always think of Martin now as Lily's father.”

Lily Slater has most recently been meddling in Martin’s life by telling a huge lie about his partner Ruby cheating on him.

Martin, fearful of being kicked out of their home if Ruby leaves him is trying his best to make every end meet while the story continues to unfold around him.

With Lily’s plan to split the pair up looking to succeed it will be down to the writers of the show to decide how they rectify this problem in the relationship.

On the idea of Ryan’s return, one commenter said: “I’d love this too and for him to take Lily with him when he leaves.

“I really can't see why he isn't involved with her now as Stacey is in prison.”

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC.

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