EastEnders fans in disbelief with horrifically gory Hunter injury scenes

EastEnders fans were left in disbelief tonight over Hunter Owen's horrifically gory injury scenes.

The troubled teenager, who is on the run from the police, looked close to death after injuring his leg during his escape.

Rather than take her son to hospital, Mel decided to leave her son in a dirty, derelict basement flat overnight.

The doting mother then turned matron as she stitched up screaming Hunter's leg wound while he downed a bottle of vodka.

Confused EastEnders viewers spotted some very concerning issues with Mel's bedside manner.

Baffled EastEnders fans took to Twitter after watching Mel stitch up her son's leg.

One viewer asked: "Where did Mel by a surgical kit from and how did she learn to that procedure???"

"Is Mel a doctor or something lmao," added another.

A third said: "So Mel can get hold of a suture kit to do stitches but not antibiotics??"

"Mel stitching up Hunter’s leg… so ridiculous," said a fourth.

After stitching up his wound, Mel joined Sharon Mitchell at the hospital for her baby scan.

Mel went under false pretenses, as she really wanted to steal some antibiotics to give to her injured son.

She caused a distraction by smashing the glass on a broken fish tank, which flooded the waiting room, then taking antibiotics in the chaos.

Mel returned home and promised Hunter everything would be okay as she watched him guzzle vodka.

"No it's not," claimed Hunter, who menacingly insisted Jack Branning would pay "for what he did".

Will Hunter get revenge on Jack?

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