EastEnders fans rumble Theo Hawthornes downfall after he makes huge mistake

EastEnders fans believe they've figured out how Theo Hawthorne will finally be exposed to the police.

Theo was unmasked as the man behind Stacey's eager online client earlier this month and after she rushed to the police, she soon discovered they couldn't help her out.

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Stacey had been getting stalked by one of her clients, who had sent flowers to her home and broke into her house and ripped up all of the clothes she'd wear on cam.

He then trapped Stacey in her kitchen to explain why he'd been stalking her, but it didn't come to a close, with Theo then moving in next door.

It's only just been revealed to Stacey that Theo is her new neighbour, with Thursday's episode seeing him come towards her as he dropped the bombshell.

Theo told Stacey: "I've moved in… look, I know we got off on the wrong foot and all but now that we're neighbours…", but before he got to the end of his sentence Stacey ran inside and locked the doors.

But it seems Theo's decision to move next door to Stacey could ultimately be what sees him thrown in prison.

When Theo was reported to the police, he told them that they were in a relationship, and despite Stacey's version of events, she had no luck in proving that he was stalking her.

Now fans think Stacey will have far more to go on if she wanted to report Theo again after he moved right next door.

Reflecting on the episode, one user wrote: "Theo moving in next door is probably the first bit of evidence to prove that he was lying to the police about Stacey. Why would he move so close if he felt so threatened by Stacey?"

While another said: "Surely Theo moving right next to Stacey has to be evidence that he's stalking her," and another said the decision "wasn't his smartest move."

Elsewhere fans were reflecting on Theo – and while they dislike him, they've praised the actor for playing such a convincing role.

One person said: "He must be a good actor playing the role so well we are all scared of the outcome," while another added: "He’s a great actor, playing his part so well! Unfortunate that he’s not permanent."

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