EastEnders murder teased as Kim vows to make Phil pay over Vincents death

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EastEnders' Kim Fox has vowed to "make Phil Mitchell pay" after she dropping a huge Vincent bombshell on her sister Denise Fox.

The character, portrayed by Tameka Empson on the BBC One soap, has been seen growing suspicious of her missing husband Vincent Hubbard's whereabouts.

After suspecting foul play and questioning Phil (Steve McFadden), Kim finally revealed to Denise (Diane Parish) that she believed Phil was responsible for murdering Vincent and vowed to make him pay for the crime in the closing moments of the show.

The conversation began with Kim telling Denise: "Phil knows exactly what happened to Vincent.

"He's involved in that world, init? He knew the people that were out to get him."

Amid protestations from Denise, Kim argued: "Please, Phil told you that Vincent disappeared to protect himself and us?

"That's a lie, and he was lying again to me today.

"I could feel it. I knew he was hiding something from his body language – and then there’s the money that he gave me. If he's kind, he's kind for a reason.

"There are too many flares leading back to him."

A frustrated Denise eventually replied: "Just exactly what are you saying?"

Looking her sister squarely in the eye, Kim dramatically responded: "I don't just think Phil knows what happened to Vincent.

"I think he killed him and if he did, I will make him pay."

EastEnders fans will remember that Phil did play a big part in Vincent's disappearance, with the character last seen stranded with a gun pushed into his head, leaving his fate unresolved.

Kim returned to the soap earlier this year, with the mystery of what happened to Vincent set to be finally resolved this winter.

With Kim back on the case, Phil is bound to be feeling the pressure.

EastEnders airs on BBC One

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