EastEnders spoilers see Linda prison twist, surprise return and Billy heartbreak

EastEnders fans are in for a bumpy ride once again as emotions start to run high in Albert Square next week.

EastEnders spoilers show that Linda's court hearing is finally here and she says some emotional goodbyes before she heads to stand in front of a judge.

With Mick by her side, the pair are floored by the outcome which leaves Janine seething.

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Jean finally returns to Walford and while it seems she is making progress, a glimpse of Harvey lands her straight back to square one.

Meanwhile Billy pulls out all the stops for Honey, will she reciprocate his feelings?

Linda prison twist

Linda's court hearing arrives and Zack comforts her when she reveals that her divorce from Mick is official.

Realising that Mick will still visit Linda if she goes to prison, a seething Janine gives Jada money and blackmails her into helping her bring down Linda.

After saying an emotional goodbye to Ollie and Annie, Linda goes to the hearing with Mick by her side and delivers a passionate speech about her mistakes.

Both Mick and Linda are shocked when Linda doesn't receive a prison sentence but a raging Janine sees red when Linda walks back into the vic.

Despite believing she wouldn't be able to join, Linda heads to the Carnival party, but Zack arrives with some alarming news.

Realising what she's done, a guilt-ridden Jada tells Janine they went to far, but she doesn't care and continues to blackmail her.

Jean returns

Jean finally returns to a warm welcome by her friends and family, but things turn awkward when Arthur cowers away from her.

She tells Stacey that she will go to the Carnival party, but immediately turns back after seeing Harvey and Dana.

Feeling bad, Harvey decides not to attend the party either and gives Dana his credit card to go shopping for university supplies.

Dana realises Harvey has been drinking and is immediately shut down when she suggests he go and visit Jean.

At the Slater’s, Kheerat offers to cover the cost of redecorating Jean’s bedroom but Stacey politely declines and asks him to keep Jean company while she heads out.

Kheerat calls Vinny and he brings several pots of paint to start the decorating, but things don't go to plan when a paint fight breaks out between the kids, Eve, Kheertat and Jean.

Stacey arrives home to the mess but how will she react?

Kheerat and Jean both encourage each other to face their fears during a heart to heart, making Jean realise she needs to go outside and Kheerat accepting that he needs to look out for Suki.

Bobby, Harvey and Rocky plan a surprise leaving party for Dana and discuss whether they should invite Jean, but Harvey puts his foot down and refuses.

Billy spots the exchange and realises Jean has overheard their entire conversation, so he turns to Eve and tells her what happened.

Eve encourages Harvey to be more sensitive when it comes to Jean, leaving a guilty Harvey contemplating if he should finally go and visit her.

Billy heartbreak

Billy has been left wondering where he stands with Honey but knows for certain that he is still in love with her.

After admitting that she's the only woman for him, Billy sets out to win her back but is left gutted when she turns down his invitation for a dance at the Carnival.

Rocky gives Billy and Bobby advice about the women in their lives, giving Billy an idea to put on a Carnival themed party just for Janet and Honey – will the sweet gesture make Honey change her feelings towards him?

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