Elvis Presley: Horrific on-set accident threatened stars singing career

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock

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In 1957 Elvis Presley was filming his third movie, Jailhouse Rock, in MGM Studios, California. The star played a young convict named Vince Everett who, while in prison for manslaughter, learned​ how to sing and perform with the help of a tutor. Although the film has been called Elvis’ “greatest moment on screen,” it wasn’t without its hiccups. During film, Elvis slammed his face very hard into a pole while sliding down it. 

One of Elvis’ tooth caps reportedly came loose during the star’s pole stunt, ​where he accidentally swallowed it​.

However the star did not just swallow the tooth cap, he inhaled it.

In intense amounts of pain, it was soon revealed that Elvis inhaled the tooth cap directly into his lungs, where it became lodged.

The star of the show was then forced to have a procedure to get the cap removed from his chest.

Elvis was admitted to hospital promptly where he received a procedure that was nothing short of miraculous.

The surgeon who operated on the star’s lung went through his throat to get the tooth cap out of his body.

To do this, he had to manoeuvre through the King of Rock and Roll’s famous vocal cords to get the foreign object out.

A slight movement in any direction could have brought the star’s singing days to a prompt end.

Elvis Presley stars in trailer for Double Trouble in 1967

Ultimately, the surgery went extremely well, and Elvis had the tooth cap removed from his lung without a problem.

The star himself reported having “a hoarse voice” for a few days after the operation, but he was otherwise unscathed.

Ironically, Elvis’ character in the movie, Vince, suffered an injury to his vocal cords, making a tense moment in the movie.

During Jailhouse Rock, Vince’s pals were concerned over whether he would regain full use of his voice going forward.

Although Elvis almost lost his voice for good while filming Jailhouse Rock, the film was a smash hit.

The film peaked at number three on the Variety Box Office Chart at the time.

It also earned $3.2 million at the box office in the US and Canada.

Jailhouse Rock also earned a further $2 million at the box office worldwide.

Elvis’ song of the same name, Jailhouse Rock, was an unbelievable success worldwide, reaching number one in the charts in the UK and the US.

It also hit number three in Australia, number seven in Finland and number eight in Belgium.


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