Emmerdale actresses slam young co-stars annoying habit in killer Kyle plot

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    Two Emmerdale stars have opened up about Kyle Winchester star Huey Quinn's "annoying" on-set habit – while praising him amid his killer storyline.

    Natalie J Robb, who plays Moira Dingle in the Dales, and Amy Wyatt star Natalie Ann Jamieson explained that young Huey is being trusted with bigger plots and "has an eye" for the best camera angles after growing up on set.

    Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Jamieson gushed: "Huey has been amazing. He’s been so good. When they first gave him the storyline, he had a bit of tuition to help him ease into moving from doing what the children usually do, which is popping in and out, to having something big that was demanding a lot from him.

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    "He just eased into it so well that now he just tells us what to do – and that’s the way I like it to be honest!"

    Robb then explained despite his natural talent, the youngster has a "really annoying" habit.

    She said: "He always knows our lines as well, it’s really annoying. And, because he’s grown up around [acting] now he genuinely does have a love for it.

    "Huey watches them line the shots and watches the camera lenses and he's like, 'That's a good shot'. So he’s getting an eye for it in different ways, which is really lovely to see."

    Amy star Natalie went on: "He knows where the cameras are, so he knows when he has to be serious and when he can be a little bit naughty. Which again is fantastic!"

    Huey also has a good relationship with his on-screen brother Bobby Dunsmuir, who has played Isaac Dingle since he was just six days old.

    Robb explained: "Bobby is a wee menace. You get a timeline with Bobby, before he's a tearaway and just running all over the place.

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    "But Huey is really good with keeping him in line – and they’re giving Bobby his own lines now."

    Both stars agreed Huey and Bobby are "such a joy" to have on set, with Robb adding: "We're very lucky, actually."

    Jamieson giggled: "Because Huey watches the show now that he's getting a bit older, he has an impression of pretty much all of us. So he can do all the cast members."

    As Moira star Robb chuckled: "I always remember him going ‘I saw you last night’, and I was like, 'What do you mean?'

    "He said, 'With Nate'. And I went, 'You shouldn't be watching that!'"


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