Emmerdale exit sealed as Gabby Thomas flees village amid custody battle for unborn baby?

Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas (played by Rosie Bentham) could come up with a plan to flee the village next week as she fears Kim Tate (Claire King) could be plotting to take her child. After the apparent death of Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), Kim has become convinced he’s still alive, however, this week, she continues to cause trouble when she proposes to Gabby to give all parental rights to the baby. Will Gabby take Kim’s offer, or will she flee with her baby?

In tonight’s episode, Kim confronted Gabby with an unlikely proposal: “There’s something I need to discuss, this may come across as a bit insensitive.”

Intrigued, Gabby replied: “Well, I’m sure I can take it,” Kim continued: “I’ve been having a think, and well, we don’t know where Jamie is.

“And him being in that accident has made me realise how unstable life can be,” she explained, but leaving Gabby confused, she replied: “How is that insensitive?”

“Well,” Kim began, “If, god forbid something should happen to you, your baby would be in a state of well, limbo, and you’d have various grandparents all wanting to step in.

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“There’s no doubt we would all love that child, but the question is who would be best looking after him, and I’m the one with the resources to do that.

“So, what I’m proposing is I have my solicitor draw you up a will,” however shocked Gabby as she exclaimed: “A will?! At my age?”

Reassuring her, Kim explained: “It would just be for the baby, giving me parental rights if the worst happened, so what do you think.”

However, a little later, Gabby overheard Kim on the phone as she said: “Right well get the will drawn up and sent to me, and then Gabby can sign it, yes, of course, she’s agreed.

“Now, as regards Millie Tate (Willow Bell), yeah, ok, we’ve been through all this I don’t care what you think I just want it done.

“Whatever legal trick you have in that book of yours, you make sure I get full custody, not the ethics of it, don’t mean a damn to me.

“If you have to prove neglect or child cruelty on Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) part, you will find a way, do I make myself clear!” Kim yelled down the phone.

What has Kim got up her sleeves which Gabby has just overheard?

Later, Gabby catches her grandmother Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) sitting by herself, drunk, on a bench in the village.

Startled by her appearance, Diane exclaims: “Oh hello sweetheart, you look like you lost a pound and found a penny, and you lost your credit card, and you realise you’ve been robbed.”

Noticing her jolly mood, Gabby laughed and said: “You’re drunk,” being caught out, Diane replied: “Only a little bit, so what’s up?”

Gabby explained to Diane that she was feeling stressed and trapped with Kim taking charge when her baby hadn’t even been born yet.

Making her feel better, Diane replied: “If it’s any comfort, you’re not alone, I’m feeling a bit trapped myself, I’ve just realised I don’t want to grow old and die, not here anyway.”

After briefly mentioning that it would be nice to get away and make a fresh start somewhere, Diane perked up and told Gabby the pair should move away.

“Anywhere, Portugal, with Paul Lambert (Matthew Bose), we could get jobs to take turns looking after the baby, sounds like fun does to me.”

Feeling intrigued by the premise, Gabby reflected: “Yeah, but Kim wouldn’t let me leave that’s the point.”

But Diane wasn’t backing down and told her: “Gabby, we can do anything we want and right now, getting out of dodge city before anyone notices. Sounds like a great idea, what do you think?.”

Will Gabby flee the village with her grandmother before Kim finds out?

Or will she stick around to sign the will, giving Kim sole custody if anything happened to her?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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