Emmerdale fans convinced Al Chapman is living a double life and has a secret family after cryptic phone call

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Al Chapman is living a double life and has a secret family after his partner Priya Sharma received a suspicious phone call.

The businessman – who is played by Michael Wildman in the ITV soap – was caught out in last night’s episode as Priya made plans for a surprise party to celebrate his birthday.

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But Priya was stopped in her tracks when she received a phone call about a hotel booking Al had failed to inform her about. 

Priya assumed the posh hotel booking that was miles away was meant for her and Al. 

But wanting to go ahead with her birthday surprise, she asked Al’s son Ellis to get him to cancel the reservation.

But as Ellis spoke to his dad about the hotel, Al looked shifty, leading viewers to suspect that Al was hiding something huge.

Later, at his birthday celebrations, Priya mentioned she’d like to get married one day, but Al looked unsettled and told her he wasn’t looking to rush into tying the knot again.

In another odd turn of events, tonight’s episode of Emmerdale will see Al have a sudden change-of-heart and propose to Priya.

It has been revealed Al is hiding a huge secret, with Emmerdale boss Laura Shaw recently suggesting it will explode this Christmas. 

Speaking to The Sun Online, Laura teased: "We’ve got a really big fun Christmas coming up and it’s jam-packed full of romance, disaster, comedy, heartbreak, shock twists and turns and a huge secret is going to come out in a truly magnificent way that’s going to make everybody gasp, I promise you."

Viewers are convinced Al is hiding a secret family.

One wrote: “So does Al have a secret family and are they this new family coming to the show? #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “I still say al has a secret family #Emmerdale.”

Another added: “Has Al have another family? Like wife and children? #Emmerdale.”

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