Emmerdale fans devastated as Cain Dingle disowns mum Faith after crushing betrayal is exposed

EMMERDALE fans were left devastated tonight as Cain Dingle disowned his mum Faith after her crushing betrayal was exposed.

Faith was relieved to find out that she's in the all clear and is cancer free this week after weeks of fearing the worst. 

However, tonight’s episode saw Faith continue to let Cain think she is dying after realising it was an opportunity to repair their broken relationship.

Her plan worked as Cain ultimately forgave her for her past mistakes during their big day out as a family at the HOP.

“I’m not expecting you to forgive me. I would just like it if we were able to start again,” Faith told Cain.

“Well let’s keep the past in the past and move on then,” he said.

Faith was delighted with the outcome and shed tears of joy. 

Disaster struck, however, when Cain offered to accompany her to the hospital to collect her results, forcing Faith to admit that she’d already received them – and that she had in fact been given the all clear. 

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Cain was speechless at the revelation that Faith had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis instead.

But later, as Sarah and Chas berated Faith for keeping her results a secret, Cain arrived on the scene and spoke his mind.

Chas tried to calm Cain down, telling him: “Right mum might not have dealt with this very well, but we should all just be happy that she doesn’t have cancer.”

But Cain replied: “I can’t say I feel the same when all I’ve had is a lifetime of her lies.

“She doesn’t deserve to be part of this family.”

Fans were left in tears by Cain’s brutal rejection. 

One said: "Cain you’re mum won’t be around forever stop being childish now

Another added: "Cain calm down she shouldn’t have lied but be happy you still have your mum."

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